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Victims of bus crashes improve

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A hospital in Ottawa says people who were seriously injured in a bus accident on Friday have improved.

In a tweet, the Ottawa Hospital says that patients who were listed in critical condition are now considered in a serious condition.

Three people were killed and 23 wounded when a double-decker bus jumped onto the sidewalk at a station and crashed into a transit shelter.

The hospital initially said 14 people were rushed to hospital critically – two of whom died – and 11 were in critical condition.

Meanwhile, the city says the scene of the accident, the Transitway, will reopen on Sunday at 7:30 pm, more than 48 hours after the collision.

It is said that people who want to leave a souvenir or memorial item are required to do so in two designated areas: the transitional shelf westward at the lower level, and the northwest corner of Scott and Athlone.


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