UPDATE: Wildfire Bursts into Squamish Area


A wildfire exploded between Garibaldi and Alice Lake, east of the Tantalus Range.

The fire is burning in the 17.5 mile area of ​​Squamish Valley Road, according to an alert from the SLRD.

The BC Wildfire Service informed the Chief that the fire is half a hectare and does not pose a threat to people or structures.

A spokesman said that this fire was probably caused by humans, as there were no spokes in the area.

The exact circumstances are still under investigation.

One team is on site, with 10 more firefighters on the way.

SLRD emergency program manager Sarah Morgan said a helicopter was on the scene, killing the fire.

Morgan said the fire is burning away from homes, so there is no need for an evacuation alert.

She added that no villager is in danger from the fire.

However, she noted that there may be smoke in the Squamish Valley tonight and tomorrow, and possible air quality problems that may reach Squamish.

*** Last updated on April 1, 7:07 pm PT

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