University of British Columbia could become the first university to allow marijuana smoking on campus


The University of British Columbia in Canada can become the first college team to legalize marijuana smoking on campus and set up dedicated gazebos for this purpose.

Following the legalization of possession and sale of recreational marijuana in Canada last month, the college committee developed a preliminary policy titled "Promotion of Smoking and Smoking Products on Campus."

The draft policy was prepared for consultation with the community and a final call is likely to be held in February.

"We believe that when you criminalize any activity that people are adopting in any way, all you do is bring the behavior into hiding, but that does not mean that anything and anything can be decriminalized. "said Hubert Lai, a lawyer at the University of British Columbia (UBC), in an e-mail interview.

According to the policy, cannabis use will be prohibited anywhere on campus, except in designated smoking gazebos. Both the cultivation and sale of cannabis will be banned on campus.

"An individual on campus can not possess cannabis in quantity that is greater than the amount established by federal law, which is the equivalent of 30g of dry cannabis or 450g of cannabis.

"Cannabis can be stored in your private space in your room as long as all storage containers are clearly labeled as containing cannabis or cannabis products and are stored in a way that does not disturb other residents," Lai said.

Smoking cannabis will not be allowed in classrooms, student residences, UBC vehicles, bus shelters, and other areas of the campus.

According to the policy, university employees are required to refrain from using any harmful substance, including alcohol and marijuana, during or before working hours.

"Although medical authorization to use cannabis does not include the right to use cannabis at work or to get to work that is impaired, employees who receive cannabis for medical purposes and who seek or require accommodation must inform their supervisor. approved marijuana before or during working hours will not be tolerated and can result in discipline, "Lai said.

"However, under federal law, individuals over the age of 19 may share or donate cannabis to others over the age of 19, provided that the amount of cannabis donated does not exceed the amount that such an individual is authorized to own, "Lai added.

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