Kanye West jumped on Twitter last night and argued for several hours against Drake. "You started by trying to get Drake's attention, and the speech seemed to end after Mr. West tweeted that Drake finally called him. After that, West returned to Twitter and claimed that Drake threatened him and his family. Kim Kardashian came into the online dispute and warned Drake to threaten the fam. Both West and his wife shot Drake, claiming that you've paved the way for your success. The twitter dispute out of control has made many wonder … Kanye and Drake do not live next to each other? Apparently, Tyrese feels the same way.

TMZ chatted with Tyrese on Friday (December 14) and asked how he felt about the Twitter war. "Oh, they have a man of history. You know, it's the male ego," began the Fast and furious actor. "I do not know anything about it, it's none of my business," Ty explained when asked about Kanye's allegations that Drake was threatening his family. "When you leave the neighborhood, you know how to stay out of personal business."

When the TMZ Reporter brought Ty's online dispute with Dwayne Johnson, the singer and actor just laughed. "Getting away from me, dealing with fucking social media when you're getting stronger with someone is not always the smartest thing to do," he admitted. "They live literally 2 blocks from each other," he continued. "They both live in Hidden Hills, they put crap on social networks when they live so close."