Transitway now open after deadly crash


As of 19:30 Sunday, the OC Transpo Transitway reopened after the deadly accident on Friday at Westboro Station.

It had been closed between Lincoln Fields and Westboro immediately after the two-story collision that killed three people and left 23 others injured.

According to the city of Ottawa, customers will be able to access the service as usual on the platforms from Sunday night.

Space designated to honor:

Members of the public who wish to leave a memento or memorial item for the victims of the collision are invited to leave items in one of two temporary memory locations:

  • Westbound Transitway platform at the lower level; and,

  • The northwest corner of Scott and Athlone (upper level).

The public is asked to meet on the Scott Street sidewalk in front of the station if they wish to hold a vigil or other meeting in support of the victims.

Hospital Update:

OC Transpo says they want to thank customers and residents for understanding and patience during this time.


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