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► all-new A90 Toyota Supra coupe
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Finally. After what looks like an eternity, Toyota finally took off the Supra Coupe covers of the A90 generation at the NAIAS Detroit Motor Show 20187. The new sportsman shares much of his DNA with the newly revealed BMW Z4, but it's just coupe.

Read on for absolutely everything we know about the new Toyota Supra.

What is it?

If you've lived under a rock for the past decade, Toyota has long hinted at Supra's return. The road to the official A90 revelation point was frankly exhausting; this may have been the longest and most tacky car campaign in recent history and one that we at CAR are very pleased to see behind.

Thus, the Toyota Supra is a brand new sports coupe from Japan and the fifth to carry the name Supra. Toyota worked in partnership with BMW to do this, with Munich working on creating the next generation of the Z4 roadster.

Toyota Supra rear quarter location

The two share a platform and mechanisms, but visually there are much more differences than similarities. Toyota says the styling comes under the "Condensed Extreme" design language, with a stretching hood, double bubble ceiling and thick rear all present and correct here.

The name Condensed Extreme points to the short, low and wide wheelbase and massive wheels that fill the bulbous arcs. Europe will have these black and alternating 19-inch metal rims as standard. The headlights are heavily stylized, while the grille, front and bonnet are drilled with multiple vents to power the engine, brakes and radiators with air. The car's footprint is on what is apparently called the "Golden Ratio" to deal with the feat – the relationship between the length of the wheelbase and the width of the tread – with the book stands being 1.5 and 1, 6. Supra is in the middle at 1.55.

Toyota Supra gray front

"We wanted to do it at once and recognize it, so we went through a lot of discussions with the car designer and that's how the design came about," says Tetsuya Tada's chief engineer. "There were some focal points or design cues taken from the previous Supra, for example, the rear bumper, where we had that kind of volume, we said that's the sexy part of the design, so we tried to get some tips.

Give me engines and specs!

For now, only one engine is official: a 3.0-liter straight-six turbocharged 335-hp and 369-lb.boot for the GR Supra. If these power figures sound familiar, it's because they are the same as the M40i version of the BMW Z4. And many other BMW 40i models too, like the M140i and the M240i.

At Supra, this power goes to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission – there is no manual version so far. Toyota says the GR Supra will hit 62 mph in 4.3 seconds. There is also launch control and, like the GT86, a "track" configuration for traction control that ensures less electronic interference. The Euro-spec Supras will also feature an active differential for the driven wheels.

Other variants of the engine will fall as the Supra goes on sale, as well as its stable Z4. At either end of the spectrum, there will be a Supra base that will use the BMW 4-liter B48d 2.0 turbo engine. A hardcore GRMN model is also in the pipeline.

Toyota Supra Rear End

In other news, there may still be a manual in progress, because Toyota has already developed it. However, the decision to offer it is still very much in the air, and the manual box comes into production, could only be available in right-hand drive cars: Good news for us, Japanese and British, but not the American or Continental markets European countries.

'[A manual ‘box] is still not decided, and depending on market feedback, we will decide whether we should introduce a manual transmission, "Kai told Car Advice.

"We developed it, yes, there is hardware ready." Right direction? Yes, of course, it needs to be sold in Japan, which is a right-hand market. "Then the jury left …

But I thought…

Yes, we felt that a manual was also out of the question. A few months ago, an interview with Toyota's chief engineer, Tada, and the Japanese magazine Seek, said there would be no manual gearbox. When asked in the spring of 2018 if the new Supra would come with a manual transmission, Tada replied: "At the moment, it's not; it's just a dual-clutch transmission.

Toyota Supra overhead red

Tada went on to say that this is partly because the new car could produce too much torque for a manual gearbox. However, we have since learned that the BMW Z4 will offer a manual option in the future. Watch this space …

Will you feel like a good sports car?

Engineers point out that a 50:50 weight distribution was one of the main goals of the new shared Toyota-BMW rear-wheel-drive architecture and that the torsional rigidity is greater than that of LF-A, which bodes well for handling and balance the road. But in addition, cars should drive very differently, according to their respective engineers.

Read our prototype of the new Toyota Supra A90

Toyota is confident that we can see the differences between the two right away. "In terms of calibration and other areas, we take a completely different approach," Tada told CAR magazine. "You'll feel like you're in a different car with different tastes."

While the Z4 prototype we drive seems to be a sleek, sporty convertible, the Supra will be a much more focused sports car. "We do not consider things like convenience or comfort," says Tada, adding that the Z4 was designed for a totally different audience.

Let's talk about the interior and equipment of the Toyota Supra

It's a driver-centered cockpit with enough Toyota parts to make it less obvious where the bits of the BMW are. Such as the buttons on the headlights, the iDrive display and the center console's distribution panel, the gear selector, and the air conditioning controls.

Toyota has confirmed that there are two different versions of the new A90 Supra. For the GR model first revealed, there are standard and Pro models, the latter being the much more richly equipped.

Toyota Supra interior

Active features two-zone air-conditioning, keyless entry and departure, adaptive LED headlamps, adaptive cruise, a huge set of safety kit and an 8.8-inch infotainment system. Alcantara seats are standard as well.

As for Premium, you have leather seats, a JBL audio upgrade, a head-up display and a wireless cell phone charger. All very much in the trend.

For those who did not get enough of the entire promotional campaign, Toyota is also offering an ultra-exclusive A90 edition to celebrate the modern camouflage of the car while attending events such as the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. The A90 Edition will have matte Storm Gray paint, matte black alloy, red leather upholstery and kit that combine with the Premium class. Only 90 will be available.

Twinned with BMW: why Z4 and Supra share DNA

It is no secret that BMW and Toyota teamed up to create the new Z4 / Supra platform, and the reasons behind the collaboration were largely financial. It's a reflection of a shrinking global market for sports cars that two industry giants are coming together to get the scale efficiencies needed to get the project off the ground.

Our review of the BMW Z4 roadster

However, it seems that the initial desire to save costs and share parties meant that the joint project had a less than ideal start. "We started discussions with BMW saying" Let's increase the amount of shared parts, let's make everything efficient "- that was the starting point," explains Tada-san. "It did not fit well, and there was an example where BMW showed up and said, what do you want? It seems like you're making compromises for efficiency.

Toyota Supra red rear bedroom

After that, Toyota and BMW started to develop the individual cars they wanted and then searched for common areas where it made sense to share hardware.

New Supra in motorsport

Before the official revelation of the production car, Toyota has thrown racing concepts left, right and center. At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, Toyota exhibited the Super GT Concept.

If you're not familiar with the Super GT, think of silhouettes with the aero DTM, close to the speed of the LMP2 and you're right there. Last year's championship was won by Honda's NSX, with Jenson Button and Naoki Yamamoto sharing the steering duties – and it's also where the Nissan Jann Mardenborough races. Essentially, it is an important and very popular sport in Japan.

The new car will represent the return of the Toyota brand to the GT GT class GT500 after a long absence; in recent years, Lexus has participated in the series and currently uses an extreme version of its RC F coupe.

Toyota Supra Super GT Concept

In addition, with a change in the imminent CME rules, it seems that Toyota is doubling the resistance class. Along with the new GRMN racing concept, which is set to compete in the new top level of the sport, the new Supra will also be completed in the GTE class. This means that Toyota will be represented in both classes.

And it looks like Toyota is taking the GTE class very seriously; told us that designers have been going back and forth between the race car and the production car, ensuring that the GTE version has the best platform possible to work with. Most of the car's road air intakes have been strategically positioned for the GTE version.

In this year's Le Mans 24 hour race, Supra's chief engineer Tada confirmed that the car would compete in the WEC GTE category – but now we know he will also race in NASCAR. Toyota confirmed that Supra would compete in the Nascar Xfinity series, replacing the Camry silhouette it currently uses. And you can see Supra Nascar on the way on February 16, 2019.

"When you talk about Toyota and cool cars, Supra is the first thing that comes to mind for many car enthusiasts," said Ed Laukes, Toyota's vice president of marketing. "Supra's return to production form is great news, but now we're also going to see this iconic sports car return to American motoring. From the marketing standpoint, it's important to have a race car that evokes the dynamism and character of its counterpart in the showroom.

Toyota Supra nascar

Of course, the Nascar version of the Supra only shares a rough silhouette and design features with the road car, but there are still some interesting details. Most notably, the front and rear lights of the NASCAR driver reflect the concept of the Supra Racing Concept we saw earlier this year, as well as other prototypes we saw. At the moment, we have a good idea of ​​what the new Supra will look like.

Stay tuned to this page to read the latest Toyota Supra news, updates, photos and specifications as we receive them. There will be much more detail in the coming weeks, as the countdown is set for the car's official debut this fall.

Toyota Supra UK price and release date

You have been able to pre-order the new Supra for a few months, with deposits being received in Britain since the autumn of 2018.

Toyota says 300 of the first 900 that are destined for Europe are coming to the UK with a price of £ 52,695. They are £ 54,000 for the Pro variant and £ 56,945 for the ultra limited A90 edition. Deliveries are expected in Europe from late summer.

The first 900 owners in Europe "will enjoy a number of special benefits," according to Toyota, "will have access to an exclusive experience program and cash rewards can not buy before delivery."

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