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Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson Match Bag: The winner's payout is $ 9M in prize money

In the days leading up to The Match, a reaction between muffled and angry golf circles bubbled against the effort. The feeling was that this was a grotesque indulgence and that the celebration of the money surrounding the competition actually cheapened it. The European press and some players seemed particularly bothered by the public embrace of the purse size.

It makes no sense. Why apply any golf pattern or sensitivity to an experiment that is trying to be so far from the excess of golf events we received the other 51 weeks of the year? Why try to make it look like a normal broadcast? Go over and go crazy. Try to promote it, stand out and make it look something completely unique, it might be worth spending your $ 20. I may be getting windy here but you understand the point, and this is not to be tied to any notion of how golf should look or worry about the media and the traditional voices of golf like Nick Faldo getting hot and bothered.

Does Phil look silly posing like that? Yes. Should they care that people are crazy about them, promoting the financial aspect of this game? Do not.

A day of unexpected luck

The Match size for the Match is $ 9 million and it will be winner-take-all and yes, it is not your own money. Of course both players will do well this weekend. No one is leaving empty handed and both fields will receive a good payment. One may be only $ 9 million more than the other.

Mickelson said repeatedly that he needed a number that made them uncomfortable. That figure is apparently $ 9 million. The original number excited was $ 10 million, but was overturned when, allegedly, the PGA Tour got involved. The Tour's premiere event is FedExCup, and the winner of that one-season race has always won a big $ 10 million bonus.

FedExCup is making a huge jump to $ 15 million for the winner next year. But this unexpected comes after a season of a strong play that is continued through three playoff events. This is the biggest payout in a single day or only tournament we saw at a golf event. Here are some of the biggest bags of the 2018 PGA Tour:

  • US Open – US $ 2.16 million of US $ 12 million in stock exchange

  • Masters / PGA Championship / The Players – $ 1.98 million from $ 11 million in stock market
  • British Open – $ 1.89 million of $ 10.5 million in the stock market

  • WGC Championship – US $ 1.7 million of US $ 10 million in stock exchange
  • CJ Cup $ 1.71 million of $ 9.5 million in stock exchange
  • 4 FedExCup Playoff events – $ 1.62 million from $ 9 million in stock exchange

Those are some massive payouts, but nothing comes close to the kind of winner's pot taking everything in line at The Match. And it probably goes to two of the most deserving players.

Side bet surplus

The other money to change hands on Friday will be made in parallel bets. Both Tiger and Phil are supposedly putting their own money into these bets. Phil predicted on Tuesday that the total value of the bet will reach seven numbers and maybe up to $ 2 million. The proceeds go to the charities of your choice.

There is already a $ 200k bet on the first hole alone. Here is the exchange that was definitely not planned to generate extra juice for the PPV event a few days before the start.

PHIL MICKELSON: So I thought a lot about it, and there are points on the course that are great places for a small challenge. The challenges are coming straight out of our pockets, okay? I feel like the 1st hole is a big hole for me. Actually, I'm willing to risk $ 100,000 to say I went through the first hole. That's how I feel about this game. You do not have to do this. You do not have to accept anything.

TIGER WOODS: No. Wait, wait.

PHIL MICKELSON: I'm going to throw it out there.

TIGER WOODS: So you think you can make bird in the first hole?

PHIL MICKELSON: I know I'm going to make birds in the first hole.

TIGER WOODS: Duplicate.

PHIL MICKELSON: Did you see how attracted I was? Yes! Yes! 200 says I birdie the first hole.

Parallel betting, for me, will be the most interesting and fun part of the broadcast. There will be predictive odds on the screen based on the route mapping data and players' ShotLink profiles so you can see in real time whether a side bet or challenge is particularly foolhardy and reckless. Also, as far as we know, there is no real limit to what a side bet may or may not cover. They could start to get in all the holes and several times per hole.

It deserves something to do with it.

Tiger Woods pushed the PGA Tour to riches not previously conceived. Phil Mickelson will be the first to tell you the economic impact that Tiger had on the game.

"When I went on tour in 1992, or when I won the Tucson Open (as an amateur), the purse – the entire purse – and the winner's check was $ 180,000," Mickelson said last year on the TV show Feherty. "I remember thinking in the mid-'90s:" Will someday throw a $ 1 million check in the first place. I do not know, probably not in my life, but I hope so. And now we do it every week, and this is because of Tiger. "

Phil repeated that line throughout the year and again this week at his press conference before departure. Mickelson is a great attraction, but Tiger is what changed the economic model of the Tour.

You may say that he deserves or does not deserve the $ 9 million or thinks it may be grotesque but there are many golfers around the world on several tours that have made millions because of Tiger. His earnings based solely on that impact are probably not what they should have been – as my friends at No Laying Up said, there should be the "Tiger Tax" he could charge on almost every Tour salary in the last 20 years. There are players you've probably never heard of and will never hear of finishing in 8th place in some random event that you may have never heard of good six-figure bank checks because of the way Tiger took the PGA Tour and its sponsors to the money. It was a shower. So let's relax with the disgust about money in The Match.

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