Three things we learned in the NHL: Brossoit's trend is no longer


The impressive sequence of Laurent Brossoit has come to an end, the Pittsburgh Penguins can not stop pouring and the New Jersey Devils still have the Penguins number.

Here are three things we learned in the NHL on Monday night.

Not-so-lucky No. 7

Laurent Brossoit was one of the best goalkeepers to enter the All-Star record. The 25-year-old netminder was in a series of wins of seven wins, with a reduction of 0.937 and an average of 2.28 goals against.

Unfortunately for Brossoit and Winnipeg Jets, the sequence was interrupted with seven wins after the Philadelphia Flyers came out victorious 3-1.

Regardless, Brossoit is enjoying a fantastic season. With 10-1-1 with 2.01 goals against and a reduction of 0.943, Brossoit certainly can not complain about its impact so far.

Dripping Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins may have scored many goals before the All-Star break, but they had a glaring problem: keeping them out of their own net.

This unfortunate trend continued in the 6 to 3 defeat to the New Jersey Devils, who continued with their strong game against the Penguins (more on that later).

Looking at the recent number of goals against marks for quite disastrous reading for Penguins fans.

The Devil You Know

There are some teams that can be a pain for a particular opponent. Devils are the penguin team.

New Jersey have already won six of their last seven games against the Penguins and, ironically, scored six goals in their last win.

On top of that, it also broke a three-game skid to New Jersey. Note to the Devil: If you're in for a fall and facing the penguins in the near future, you can probably rest easy.


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