Friday , April 23 2021

Three predictions for Lars Sullivan's first major list

NXT's Lars Sullivan is about to be released on the WWE main list. With SmackDown looking to make an impact after the Survivor Series, I hope they add a monster to your list to increase your list.

During the Survivor Series pay-per-view, it has been revealed that NXT's "Freak", Lars Sullivan, will be the next call-up on the main list. However, the brand in which Lars will debut has not yet been declared.

The vignette was later played again on Raw and SmackDown to continue to keep people guessing. However, I'm hoping that eventually Lars Sullivan will make his debut as a member of the SmackDown list.

SmackDown is in need of another monster jump. Where Raw excels with great men, SmackDown does not have that division apart from Samoa Joe and Rusev. While SmackDown can have lots of leaps, Lars walks around like a man who does not want to make friends. That's what will make Lars stand out.

As soon as Lars arrives, he'll try to make a quick impact. There's a talented list on SmackDown for Lars to choose. Looking at the arrival of Lars as a monster jump on SmackDown can be booked very interesting if done correctly. After going through the list, I was able to reduce the list of potential opponents to three. Here are my predictions for potential first fists of Lars Sullivan that will help solidify Lars as a real threat in WWE.

3. Jeff Hardy

One of the first names that came to mind was Jeff Hardy. As is well known, Jeff Hardy is a man who plays caution in the wind. Jeff puts his body in line every night as he enters the ring. That's why Hardy would certainly be a man who would face Lars Sullivan and would not give up a fight. Since his return to WWE, Jeff has shown that he can rely on now to get the job done. That's why I believe Jeff would have no problem putting Lars Sullivan on.

That would be a great shock of speed and power, since Lars proved that he is very agile for a great man. For a first fight on the main list, a win over Jeff Hardy would immediately add a prestige level to Sullivan. Jeff Hardy is a former WWE champion and never goes down without a fight. His recent rivalry with Randy Orton proved his resilience. A win over Jeff Hardy is really a step in the right direction for Lars Sullivan.

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