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Who would have thought that an NFL tight end would spark the conversation about Brock Lesnar just defending his WWE Universal Title? That tight end ended up being San Francisco 49ers' George Kiters, who participated in WWE TLC earlier this month and had some words to tell NBC Sports about Brock's lack of presence in WWE since the end:

"I hate it when there is a champion who does not fight every week. Brock Lesnar fights maybe three times a year. I think it's hard for fans to watch because you're not really a champion if you do not fight. A championship game. That's what really turns me on.

I agree with most of that statement, but here is the little I do not: a champion should not fight every week. A champion is an attraction that must be built, promoted and provoked, not a common expectation. You obviously want to see someone in the role of fighter (particularly someone who is known to fight), but there is something to be said for anticipation. You do not see that big bastard fight every week (the more you show up), then this could be the classic promotion recipe that has always been. Every month now? This is more similar.

Kittle's other little comment with which I disagree is the last two sentences: "A championship. That's what really turns me on. If you put "typically" in the middle of that claim, then I'm 100% on board, but WWE has done a horrible job in getting me excited about anything they've picked up their dirty Orwellian paws recently and unfortunately, promoting the championship matches are one of many aspects in which they do not stand out.

The absence of Lesnar gives McMahons the perfect opportunity to make the next big success that his image in the league needs: get rid of the Universal Championship.

There is nothing in that title if you think about it. The inaugural champion, Finn Balor, only played for one night before being christened with a hot potato for Kevin Owens, who was poorly booked, and then went to rest on Brock's rebel waist. The most credible champion to date has been Goldberg and I love every bit of the grumpy Bill, but his goal was to increase the legacy of the belt and not to become the poster boy for him. In addition, you add the reign of Roman to the championship and it is more of a symbol of a bad moment in WWE history than playing the role of what it means to be a champion.

If any track deserves to be Madusa, it's that piece of red leather that we never see on RAW. Having the pioneers who have just taken control of the belt back, make Brock angry and leave Saskatchewan to go on a rampage and prepare you for a hard grudge against …

Well, against someone we can anticipate.

49ers Star George Kittle in the script "Messed Up" from WWE and Brock Lesnar: "You're not really a champion if you do not fight"

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