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The ultimate mercy of the Nation & # 39; of SYFY Grants, Cable's "Fun" zombie exhibit


z syfy nation canceled

It seems to be a "Christmas Massacre" for gender shows like SYFY canceled Z Nation, the long-running zombie series of the channel. The show is currently in its fifth season, with its final airing schedule on Friday, December 28º. It seems like this will be the end of the show too. Show Producer David Michael Latt announced the end of the program later this week in a Periscope video posted on Twitter.

Z Nation may not have the big budget of The walking dead, but it makes up for it with pure creativity and a sarcastic, irreverent, and knowing sense of humor. It has the same basic premise: the zombie apocalypse happened, the world ended and a bunch of survivors trying to survive and restore civilization. Instead The walking dead, they have a man who is immune to the virus that initiated the pocal-zombie and all sorts of conspiracies and factions want it too.

To like The walking dead, Z Nation can really be relentless enough to kill off your nice supporting characters. Instead The Walking Dead, Z Nation does not spend hours and hours showing his characters getting filthy, wringing their hands and crying. Show them doing it once and then moving on. Instead O Living Dead, the show also happily embraces their genre trophies, wrapping their arms and legs around them to play in government conspiracies, UFOs, nerd hackers, mad scientists and all sorts of strange and strange characters who seem to know they are in a history.

Instead The walking dead, Z Nation likes to embrace the eccentric and quirky qualities of their characters with their whole heart instead of introducing a potentially interesting and charismatic character, just to make them so cheerless, miserable and annoying that actors throw them out of frustration. Not, Z Nation She was very happy to let the "freaks" of her characters fly. It's a show that has fun and wants you to have fun with it.

My favorite is Doc, the jolly aged hippie who made all the drugs known to man and comments on the madness of the apocalypse with a confused shrug before striking the next zombie on the head with a hammer.

Hey, see you Henry Rollins showed up on the show!

The show also follows the Roger Corman Philosophy of cinema B to throw in evident social commentary to give a little meat to the story taking in many current hot-button events such as border walls, suppression of voters and false news. There is a refreshing willingness to play in all kinds of crazy ideas and the kitchen sink as long as it's fun. He evolved and changed his status quo probably more times in five seasons than O Living Dead has nine. The CGI FX may seem cheap but the show is part of its charm.

But as Latt says in his video, this is not necessarily the end. Show co-sponsor Netflix Greenlit a prequel miniseries call Black summer, presenting Jaime King as a woman trying to rescue her daughter during the onset of the zombie apocalypse. The new show will premiere, next year – with all previous seasons of Z Nation currently streaming on Netflix. Who knows? Netflix may decide that it wants more Z nation.

If you're curious, try the program on Netflix. They are bags and bags of fun.

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