The Resident Evil 2 demo in Japan is less sticky and icky


God damn it

I assume many, many videogame fans around the world have dived headlong into Capcom's new "1-Shot" demo for the next Resident Evil 2 redo No stranger to sticky violence, modern technology allows in-game gore to be darker than ever.

However, people who experienced different regions of the new demo found something curious. The Japanese version of the demo features far less detail in its viscera, particularly noticeable in the slimy scenes featured in the tweet below. There is a definite difference between the realistic detail of the zombie-assisted ectomies of these poor saps.

There is no confirmation that this abandonment of violence will be implemented in the full Resident Evil 2. It is possible, as Resident Evil 7 also fell in disgrace of some censors in the native land of Capcom. We'll find out soon enough how Resident Evil 2 arrives on the shelves on PS4, PC and Xbox January 25.

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