Thursday , August 5 2021

The real reason Netflix needs & # 39; space strength & # 39; to be a success

Steve Carell Steve Carell to star in Netflix Space Force | Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images for BFI

The jokes were already flying when we heard about President Trump's Space Force in 2018. Even though this still has serious implications, it was not difficult to find a million hilarious Twitter memes supporting the idea of ​​a true Star Wars in the orbit of the neighborhood of Earth.

No doubt this was the reason why Steve Carell thought of creating a TV show around the concept could become a new trickster Star Trek. Even if Fox The orville already touches on the space travel bureaucracy, the new Space Force for Netflix could be better alloys.

One reason is obvious: having Carell involved is probably a fault, especially if it is The office in space.

Netflix has to make more original comedies

It's no secret that Netflix has not had great success with an original comedy for some time. Recently they paid several million to retain Friends reruns and still have The office available, but new comedies are becoming more sporadic.

You could say that his most popular comedies are old movies and TV shows. However, let's not miss some great comedy originals like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Grace and Frankie, Master of None, and The Kominsky Method.

Many of these original comedies are starting to age. They probably will not be in a few years. In addition to some controversial new comedies (such as Sex education), Netflix will need something new for the next decade.

Space Force could become a streaming comedy somehow coexisting with reality.

Did Netflix spend more on classic comedies?

Although Netflix always gives the impression that they are doing well financially, the amount they paid to retain Friends could have been used to develop other original comedies.

Maybe they have more cash flow than we think considering the deal to develop Space Force with Carell will give the last $ 1 million per episode.

This can become very expensive, especially if other streaming services begin to divert loyal customers. With a recent announcement that Netflix will raise rates, we should not assume they will stay the same forever.

What elements of Space Force could make it one of his most popular comedies since Kimmy Schmidt?

Is Steve Carell's comedy always flawless?

Carell's background has been very good when it comes to his comedy projects. In addition to a recent flop movie (Welcome to Marwen), most of his films did well at the box office.

We have not seen Carell do much TV since The office finished. Still, he appeared as a guest at a few comedy shows, including executive producers Angie Tribeca in TBS.

His exposure on social media remains quite limited. He has posted some funny tweets since joining Twitter in 2012, including tweeting "Rabbit Rabbit" every new year.

Space Force is your first streaming project and can tell us more about ourselves than The office did.

Possible bureaucracy in space as it happens

What-ifs on how an actual space force could deploy is still up for speculation. Whereas many movies and TV shows have predicted things in strangely accurate ways, Space Force has the potential to be ahead of its time.

Undoubtedly, Netflix noticed this and gave the go-ahead the minute they heard Carell's tone.

Maybe 20 years from now, let's look back and see the accuracy of this program by predicting how risky and bureaucratic a true Space Force would become.

Even though such a thing never becomes a reality, the genre of science fiction comedy is a growing genre that could make Netflix a must-have piece for the original comedies. If they can do this, just as they did dramas, they will have guaranteed their survival when they are no longer the main streaming services.

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