Monday , April 19 2021

The offer of the iPad 9.7 (2018) for $ 250 can hold until Cyber ​​Monday 2018, after all

Update: It's just about Cyber ​​Monday 2018, and the best initial deal is the $ 250 iPad at Walmart and Amazon. In fact, he's a Black Friday dealer, but often over the weekend, he's exhausted. It has been difficult for the consumer to buy. You can find it for $ 250 in selected colors, depending on where you buy.

The Black Friday deal on the iPad continues through Saturday, however, it is out of stock at several retailers, such as Walmart, and suddenly back in stock. It is clear that US stores are restricting their inventory to last through Cyber ​​Monday.

Now the iPad 9.7 (2018) costs $ 250 at Walmart, which is a great deal on a new MSPR iPad of $ 329. Yes, we call the Apple device a good price and now it's even cheaper. If you're still using an older iPad with 16 GB, this is the ideal upgrade to an initial size of 32 GB.

Of course, if you need an iPad 9.7 with more internal space, there is the option of 128GB, and this is also for sale. The price cut was not as dramatic for Black Friday, but it's an agreement you should take advantage of if you want the non-Pro iPad for less than $ 400.

More offers of Black Friday

The iPad 9.7 is the best deal we found for Black Friday, but there are other competitors for the top deal.

The iPad 9.7 (2018) and all others still on sale after Black Friday will not last forever. In fact, we suspect many of these agreements will not exist on Cyber ​​Monday. This is because they will expire or, more than likely, will run out quickly. Happy hunting business.

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