Monday , October 25 2021

The Gmail log of all your purchases appears in the privacy discussion


The Shopping (Mobile View) page has more detail than you can remember.

Tagged as "Purchases" and available at, it's an ordered record of digital and physical items you've purchased that Google checks automatically collected from receipts sent to your Gmail inbox . In a statement to CNBC Google has confirmed that the page is visible only to the user and "You can delete this information at any time. We do not use any information from your Gmail messages to serve ads, and this includes the receipts and email confirmations shown on the purchase. "

Still, there's plenty of information that goes back years and highlights exactly how much Google can access, even when it's being used for you, automatically highlighting Wizard cards, personal information on Search, or Google Maps routes. Also, although you can exclude the entries, they do not have the recently announced abilities for Location History to delete information over a certain time period or any type of bulk delete button. You can disable this type of tracking, according to Google, but there is no link to the controls on this page – the company said CNBC is looking to simplify the settings and this seems the right move.

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