The forecast includes sun, clouds, bursts, falling stars and a comet


I look up.

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It's one of those days where you should expect a little bit of everything.

Today's high should go up to 0 C. Anyone who woke up early will see this as a very nice change looks -17 who greeted the city in the wee hours of the morning.

It will be mostly cloudy although the sun may poke its head out for a while, and there are 60 percent chance of flurries.

Gusts could be as high as 40 km / h.

Time to group.

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Tonight the temperature will drop to -13 ° C and the windchill may drop to -19. Pack if you have to spend some time outside after dark.

The good news is that cold weather will push the cloud cover, so later at night, expect another beautiful starry sky.

Those clear skies will last until tomorrow, so expect lots of sun and a peak of only -8 C.

Windchill will be in everyone's mouths tomorrow morning – both as a word and as a weather phenomenon – since the feeling is that the temperature will be around -18 when you are cleaning your car or going to work or school .

Monday's low will be -13ºC.

Tuesday, with a high of -8 C and a low of -14 C, will be very similar to Monday, except that the cloud cover will once again infiltrate.

The sun should again dominate the sky on Wednesday, which Canada's environment is predicting will have a high of -8 ° C and a low of -12 ° C.

Although you can imagine that the high average of this time of year is -8 C, it is indeed -1.7 C.

The average low is -9.5 C.

Temperatures will start to heat up on Thursday, but along with warmer weather will come more serious clouds and a mixture of precipitation.

This is bad news for any serious sky watcher, since there are two major celestial events on the agenda.

The first is Geminid meteor shower, which occurs every year at this time. Technically it has already begun, but it should reach its maximum at the end of the week (something around 120 meteors per hour).

Take the opportunity to look at some of those cold and clear nights and you may be rewarded with a shooting star.

The Comet 46P / Wirtanen should be taking a wardrobe approach to Earth on Sunday, December 16th.

The "Christmas comet," which regularly passes through our neighborhood, should be visible to the naked eye for a brief period of time – if we are lucky with time.

Let's keep our cold fingers crossed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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