The Firefighter 'Burn Fund donates $ 2 million for HSC stem cell research


The Firefighters' Burn Fund donated $ 2 million to the Center for Health Sciences Foundation for stem cell research.

"When we started, patients with body surface burns of 50% did not have much chance of surviving. Today, patients can survive even if they have a superficial burn of 90%. That's because of the research, "Martin Johnson, president of the Burn Fund, said in a statement. "We are happy to see what the HSC physicians can learn next and hope that our gift will have a significant impact."

As an endowment, the $ 2 million will be invested and the annual income will be directed to the HSC Foundation.

The present will allow HSC to hire a dedicated researcher and acquire specialized supplies and equipment to enable the purification of a patient's own stem cells from their own fat.

These stem cells will be grown in HSC laboratories and their interactions with skin grafts, scars and wound healing will open up vast opportunities for dramatic improvements in the treatment of burns. Never before has a patient's own stem cells been studied to improve the treatment of burns in Manitoba, a statement from HSC said.

Established in 1978, the Firefighters' Burn Fund is a registered charity of volunteers supported by firefighters and communities throughout Manitoba.

The Burn Fund supports educational opportunities for health professionals, programs and services for burn survivors, burn treatment research, and fire and burn prevention initiatives throughout Manitoba.


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