The Eta Aquarids astronomical event will illuminate Metro Vancouver skies


It's time for the Eta Aquarids meteor shower that will light up the sky in May. Then astronomy fans, observers of the stars, are aware of the event, because Metro Vancouver will allow you to enjoy your eyes. You will participate in this year's most incredible meteor shower. The meteor shower started at the end of April and will end in early May, around 5 May.

Sky and Telescopes are telling us that this period will be the best time to see this astral event and do not miss it because Eta Aquarid will give us a show that could not be forgotten. We could see a meteor per minute, and the best part is that we have help from the Moon. How could the Moon help us to see well? Very simple! At peak time, it will be a silly moon, and that will give us a great view of the sky. In addition, the sky itself will be darker than ever.

Eta Aquarids will light up the sky of Metro Vancouver

Although one of the most popular astrological events is in August, when the Perseid meteor shower occurs, Eta Aquarid does not produce as many meteors per hour, but when they do appear, they are incredibly bright! If you're wondering when it's the best time to observe the stars, EarthSky gave us some advice. So take note: the best time to observe the stars is in the early hours of the morning! You have to watch them before dawn in the morning.

Also, do not get too excited if you have spent ten minutes outside and are waiting to see many meteors because this will not happen. You will have to spend at least an hour viewing, and it will take you about twenty minutes for your eyes to adjust. The meteors will come in spurts, so patience! Finally, the last tip for an astronomical success event is to travel far from the city. Try to go somewhere higher and away from the light pollution of cities.


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