The daughter of R. Kelly issues a statement in support of the survivors, calls the father "monster"


R. Kelly's eldest daughter, Joann Kelly, who presents herself as Buku Abi, issued a statement distancing herself from her father. On a long note posted in his history on the Instagram, Abi writes: "I apologize if my silence to everything that is happening is careless … I pray for all the families and women who have been affected by the actions of my father … however, it has been very difficult to process everything. "

She goes on to say that she does not have a relationship with her father and has not seen him for years. "My mothers, siblings, and I never tolerate, support or be a part of ANY negative thing that he has done and / or continues to do," she writes. "The same monster that you all confront me is my father." Abi's statement comes in the wake of Lifetime documentaries, surviving R. Kelly, who debuted this past weekend.

She is the latest in several recent public renunciations of R. Kelly's actions since Lady Gaga has erased her collaboration with him from streaming platters to Chance the Rapper dubbing his 2015 song "a mistake." Read the complete statement from Buku Abi below.


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