The 5 most valuable properties in the Vancouver Island region


While many Metro Vancouver homes have declined in value over the past year, according to the B.C. Rating, Vancouver Island has experienced some of the highest growth rates. Here are the 5 most expensive properties in the region, according to the recently released B.C.

1. James Island – $ 56,757,000

The 312-acre private island is the most valuable residential property in the Vancouver Island region by a mile and the third most valuable property in the entire BC region. Owned by billionaire Craig McCaw of Seattle, James Island was put on sale in 2012 for $ 78 million, but has never been sold and seems to be no longer on the market. The First Nation of Tsawout filed a civil suit in B.C. Supreme Court last year seeking title to the island.

James Island is located north of Victoria. It has a main residence, six guesthouses, an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus and a private runway. (Google)

James Island's exclusive enclave is the province's third most valuable residential property, worth an estimated $ 57 million. (CBC)

2. 3160 Humber Road, Oak Bay – $ 16,159,000

The seafront home occupies most of the peninsula between Loon Bay and Cadboro Bay, adjacent to the Victoria Yacht Club, and has increased its value valued at more than a million dollars last year. It is the second most valuable residential property in the Vancouver Island region, but occupies only 171 in the province.

With an estimated value of just over $ 16 million, 3160 Humber Rd. In Oak Bay is the second most valuable property in the Vancouver Island region. (Google Earth)

3. 3195 Humber Road, Oak Bay – $ 15,397,000

The seaside mansion known as Sweet Pea has a colorful history. According to the Victoria Times columnist, the house was owned by a fraudster businessman who fled the country. He also served as a consulate for small islands of St. Kitts and Nevis for a while. The property went on sale for $ 28.5 million in 2009. In 2016, it was listed again for $ 14.9 million, although it appears that it was never sold.

The 15,400-square-foot home at 3195 Humber Road has a colorful history. (Engles and Volkers Canada)

4. 1365 Dorcas Point Road, Nanoose Bay – $ 13,577,000

The only top five property outside the Victoria area, this huge home is located north of Nanaimo on Nanoose Bay, on 2.3 acres of wooded land with a stretch of seafront.

The property at 1365 Dorcas Road in Nanoose Bay was rated as the fourth most valuable in the Vancouver Island region. (Google Street View)

5. 3150 Rutland Road, Victoria – $ 12,522,000

The estate and residential property of 1914 in the Uplands neighborhood of Oak Bay increased by an estimated $ 1.2 million last year.

This property at 3150 Rutland Rd. Has increased in value by almost $ 1.2 million last year, according to the BC. Evaluation. It is the fifth most expensive property in the Vancouver Island region and ranks 435th in the province. (Google Maps)


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