Tesla extends reference program with new incentive to buy without a test drive


Just one week after extending the program by the end of the year, Tesla again increased the duration of the program until March 11. The details remain practically the same as always – owners can provide a reference code for new buyers and each party gets a privilege to use it. Buyers receive six months of free overfeeding and homeowners receive increasing rewards based on how many referrals they made.

But as of today, buyers can also gain an additional 3 months of free charging "if they order without ever having tested" with Tesla.

There are two additional rewards added to the standard rewards: a Hat and some Model 3 Performance wheels. Previously, the reward for 1 shipment was "tossing her photo into the orbit of deep space," where Tesla recorded a laser photo on the glass and sent it into space. Now, instead of just having the promise of it, Tesla will send you a hat to celebrate the occasion. Alive.

And for three references, Tesla previously offered a choice between a week with a Model S or X or a new set of wheels for any car model. Now Tesla is adding a set of Forged Performance Wheels for Model 3 to this reward level options, though they are not available for installation until at least the summer of 2019.

Other aspects of the reference program, such as entries in a Tesla semi raffle or $ 250 cash for Tesla solar installation indications (and an extended 5-year warranty for the system buyer) remain unchanged.

See complete program details on the Tesla website, or check out the updated reward levels below:

1 qualified referencing:
Throw your photo into deep space orbit
We will record any image on glass and send it into the orbit of deep space for millions of years. We will also send you a limited edition hat to celebrate the launch. Point out more friends as you wait for an alien race to discover its payload.

2 Qualified References:
Owners can choose one of the options below for each of their second references.

  • Signature Black Wall Connector
    This matte black wall connector is unique to the Display Program and includes a recording of the Elon signature.
  • Tesla Model S Series for Children
    Share Tesla's experience of this miniature S-type electric blimp – including working headlamps, a sound system and a cargo door, just like yours. You can set the Model S for Kids to keep it or donate it to a local children's charity.

3 Qualified References:
Homeowners can choose one of the options below for their third reference.

  • Forged Performance Wheels for Model 3, 21 "Arachnid Wheels for model S or 22 "Turbine Wheels for model X
    Improve your Tesla's performance with these unique wheels.
    Forged performance wheels for Model 3 wheels will be available for installation from the summer of 2019.
  • One week with model S or model X
    Try a new Model S or Model X for a week – at home or on the road. If you do not use this award, this exclusive test drive can be given to a friend.

4 Qualified References:
Priority access to vehicle software updates
Be the first to experience the latest Tesla software updates with priority access to selected releases.

5 qualifying references:
Tesla Revelation Invitation
Try an official grand opening event. Owners who reach five forwarding requests will be invited to a future grand opening event. Your VIP invitation will be valid for you and a guest.

Take by Electrek

The rewards are given a small upgrade, but a good one. The first level sounded cool, but now it will be nice to have something to show. And for the growing number of Model 3 owners out there who could not take advantage of the rewards of the Model S / X wheel, the Model 3 wheel reward will be a welcome addition.

The only change that seems strange is to add 3 months of supercharging to the people who buy it, although they have never tested with Tesla before. Although I understand that this is an incentive for Tesla to make people feel comfortable buying a car without having to test it first, it still seems like those who took a test drive (maybe even in the past) will miss something here. .

It is similar to Tesla's offer to allow new owners to return the car within one day if they are dissatisfied (or 3 days if they have never tested a Tesla before). In that case, however, those who tested a car before achieving a lasting disadvantage. A couple more days to the return window is no big deal, but the extra 3 month overhead is a great additional incentive. I can imagine some people who will feel excluded by this policy if it stays as it is.

But then, the whole purpose of this program is to encourage owners to make their own sales, give their own test drives, and maybe take some of Tesla's hands off doing those things. So if this is Tesla's attempt to give some additional incentive to use the "owner-seller" network, it could work.

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments.


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