T. rex largest skeleton has new exhibit at the Chicago Museum


CHICAGO – The largest skeleton Tyrannosaurus rex ever found is ready to return to the show at the Chicago Field Museum in a new exhibition space.

The skeleton named Sue (after her discoverer, Sue Hendrickson) is now in a gallery on the second floor near other dinosaurs. Open to the public Friday.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the 12.5-meter-tall skeleton shares the gallery with the skull of a triceratops and dozens of fossils of plants and animals from the Sue era.

Peter Makovicky, the museum's dinosaur curator, says the second-floor gallery was always intended to be Sue's home, but ended near the museum's main north door before being dismantled earlier this year. This space is now filled by a skeleton of a titanosaur of 122 meters in length (37.2 meters in length).

Information on: Chicago Tribune, http://www.chicagotribune.com


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