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Super Mario 64 Land brings Cat Mario to the 64-bit classic

On Sunday, November 10, Nintendo 64 modifier Kaze Emanuar launched its newest project: Super Mario 64 Earth. This new mod adds new levels and features to the beloved. super Mario 64 – what seems to be the content of a game.

Key features for Super Mario 64 Terrain seems to be one Super Mario 3D World superior world map style and new powers for Mario – acquired using the Tanooki and Cat costumes. There are also new worlds, including a Super Mario 64 level in the style of Super Mario World.

According to the ad video, Super Mario 64 Land Comes with 32 new levels, 70 different areas, 75 new music tracks, eight new bosses and 10 new powers. While the game features various styles from different games and areas, the gameplay still looks a lot like Super Mario 64.

If you always wanted Super Mario 64 had more levels, it might be worth looking at the latest Emanuar mod.

This is not Emanuar's first rodeo with Mario mods. They also helped create a Super Mario Sunshine mod for Super Mario 64. Emanuar recently launched a Super Mario 64 Cross Ocarina of Time mod too.

Download Super Mario 64 Land, you can follow the Emanuar download link in the video description.

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