Tuesday , March 2 2021

Super Bowl Ads 2019: Watch Them All Here (Upgrading)

For your Super Bowl commercial, Stella Artois presents the Big Lebowski and Sex in the city crossover no one knew what they needed.

The announcement begins with Sarah Jessica Parker taking a chair at a table, the character as Carrie Bradshaw, and asking for a Stella Artois, unlike her customary cosmopolitan, as the recognizable theme of Sex in the city play. Puzzled by Parker's change of taste, the restaurant staff strives to immediately grab the actress's drink, running over each other and throwing dishes.

The commercial continues with Jeff Bridges reprizing his role as The Dude, wearing his Big Lebowski garb – a cozy knit cardigan and large sunglasses. Although confused by the mess left by the staff, he remains at the bar. Like Parker, Bridges gives up the favorite drink of his character, a white Russian, and opts for a Stella Artois. Parker praises Bridges for his choice.

"Well, changing can make you a little good," he replies.

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