Monday , October 18 2021

Steinbach's entrepreneur pleads guilty to tax evasion


The former owner of a Steinbach restaurant pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

Tak Yuen Sung, 59, also known as Tom Sung of Steinbach, was sentenced in the Winnipeg Provincial Court to a court-imposed fine of $ 73,568.48 for avoiding the payment of $ 53,265.21. This represents 138 percent of federal income tax avoided. Sung will also have to pay the full value of property tax, plus related interest and any penalties assessed by the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA).

A CRA investigation into fiscal years 2010-2013 revealed that while managing the Lee's Village Restaurant in Steinbach, Sung used two point-of-sale terminals, but only provided the counter with sales information and related bank statements for the transactions of one of the terminals. Of the undeclared sales, the investigation uncovered deposits, classified as wages, for Sung, totaling $ 271,000. These deposits in Sung's personal bank account were not consistent with the income he reported in his personal tax files.

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