Monday , March 1 2021

SpaceX's layoffs were caused by "absolutely insane" projects, admits Elon Musk

There are not many CEOs who can blame corporate layoffs for interplanetary space crafts and the space-based Internet. But there are not many CEOs like Elon Musk. During an investor visit to Tesla on Wednesday, Musk argued that SpaceX's layoffs were completely different and due to his company's "absolutely insane" projects.

Insane or intrepid, no one likes to lose their job. Come to think of it, no one likes to hear that to keep their job, they must work relentlessly and say goodbye to their work-life balance.

Musk may be taking responsibility for cost savings. But he seems to be a bit careless when it comes to employee morale. And that may end up leading you to a bumpy road. One that the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has described as "extraordinarily difficult challenges."

SpaceX employees are not only fired to cut costs

The resignations of SpaceX last month reduced the company's workforce by about 10 percent, with 600 employees delivering their marching orders.

The company hired the layoffs at the time for the need to "get leaner" (read cutting costs). But SpaceX officials can now believe their dismissal has nothing to do with Tesla's crew members who lost their 9 to 5.

In fact, the reason they got the coup was a lot sexier. It was due to "absolutely insane" projects that would "bankrupt" if Musk did not act.

It turns out that colonizing Mars and providing high speed internet from Space is quite expensive. Who knew?

SpaceX ambitious plans continue

Yet despite the leaner workforce, Elon Musk's ambitious plans continue. SpaceX will continue to work on completing Starlink's (Global Space High Speed ​​Internet) and Starship (the giant rocket to transport humans to Mars) with the remaining 6,400 employees.

Although, Musk admitted that SpaceX would have to be "incredibly Spartan with expenses" if it wanted its projects to materialize.

However, you can not keep the controversial entrepreneur and dreamy South African billionaire for a long time.

The day after commenting on the layoffs, he tweeted that the company was gearing up to fire the Starship Raptor engine at SpaceX Texas.

It seems insane projects require insane measures. And SpaceX is still on track to deliver more surprises as 2019 unfolds.

These include the inaugural launch of the Crew Dragon capsule, part of NASA's commercial crew program. If the launch happens according to plan, it will be the first time NASA astronauts have taken off American soil since the Space Shuttle program in 2011.

Elon Musk picture of DAVID MCNEW / AFP.

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