Sony confirms that it will no longer allow GameStop and other retailers to sell PS4 download codes


Sony has confirmed that it will in fact prevent retailers like GameStop from selling digital download codes for PlayStation 4 games as of April 1, 2019. The news was first circulated late last week through a leaked memo obtained by popular games offers watcher Wario64, means players who do not want to enter credit card information on Sony's PSN platform will no longer be able to purchase digital versions of physical physical store games. Sony has confirmed that it is not just the GameStop that is being cut from the business of download codes, but all retailers.

"We can confirm that, as of April 1, 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment will no longer offer full games through SIE's Global Digital at Retail program," said a PlayStation spokesman The Verge. "This decision was made to continue to align the core business globally. To support full games and premium editions, SIE will feature increased denominations at selected retailers. DLC, add-ons, virtual currency and season passes will still be available. "

In other words, if you want to continue buying digital versions of PS4 games offline, technically, you can still do so through virtual currency. It looks like Sony will offer increased PSN credit options through some retailers to support players who want to buy luxury digital editions and to cover the full cost of a game plus taxes when you checkout. You only need to make the final purchase on PSN instead of doing it in a store like GameStop and receive a code that will be inserted when you're at home and online.

There are still some uncertainties here. The size of these new denominations is unclear, as Amazon and other stores already sell PSN gift cards worth up to $ 100. (In this case, Sony could reference the digital wallet limit, which is now $ 200.) It is also not clear what this means for the online components of companies like Best Buy and GameStop, for example, if these sites can still sell complete game codes online instead of at the store. In addition, we do not know if Amazon or other online retailers that sell digital versions of PS4 games will be affected by the change in policy. We have contacted Sony for additional comments and will update this article when we receive a response.

As Sony explains, you can still purchase in-store codes for downloadable content and other digital enhancements, such as season passes for games that offer them. According to the leaked GameStop memo, there will also be a one-week post-launch period for upcoming titles. Past days and Mortal Kombat 11 where you can buy a download code from the store. It is not clear whether this will be the same for other retailers. For new titles going forward and even for existing pre-orders, Sony is suggesting that customers change the pre-order for a physical copy if they do not want to buy it directly from PSN. It looks like GameStop will be responsible for helping pre-order customers who opted for a code to manage this transition process.

The announcement is bad news for GameStop, which earlier this month announced a new CEO after failing to find a buyer for the deal. Since then, and after a bleak earnings report in January, the company's stock has been dropping drastically. Their business relies on ongoing relationships with game publishers and console makers such as Sony, and those relationships are starting to wear down as more video game purchases move to diskless versions and online shop windows.

The relevance of brick-and-mortar retail to the gaming industry rests largely on the marketing advantages that GameStop can offer, while a sizable portion of purchases are still made by parents seeking advice and recommendations from store associates. Game publishers also see appeasing customers who like to resell new games and buy used ones as important enough to continue allowing companies like GameStop to consume their sales, rake in used game revenue, and take a share of the game's sales. physical games. This is starting to change. Now with Sony choosing to cut GameStop and others from the digital market, retailers are likely to feel even more pressure as customers buy more online purchases and distance themselves from physical disks.


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