Smash Bros. Piranha Plant Save problems with files possibly associated with counterfeit SD cards


IMG 3 Piranha Plant

Yesterday, Nintendo of America issued a statement saying that it was not possible to confirm that the new Piranha Plant character was corrupting data saved on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here is the message below:

We are aware that some users are posting about possible issues with the latest update of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After extensive testing, Nintendo could not confirm a problem, although we continued to investigate and monitor the situation.

It left users who were affected by this problem scratching their heads. After some detective work in progress, it seems that the cause of this problem may have been reduced.

According to a Reddit topic, the problem may be connected to the selection of SD cards, rather than the game itself. The YouTube Channel GameXplain followed this, saying it was not 100% definitive, but could has to do with a specific model of a counterfeit SD card. To be precise, the knock-off version of the Samsung 256GB EVO Select Memory Card. Listen to the full explanation in the video below:

Reddit User rynoweiss claimed that this theory was incorrect after encountering the same problems with a verified version of this exact card:

"I am having problems with my card, and mine was verified as authentic using the Samsung Memory Card Authentication Utility and verified as having no defective blocks using h2testw."

Here is the apparent proof:

Have you encountered this problem? Are you enjoying playing Piranha Plant? Tell us about it below.


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