Sunday , October 24 2021

Signing up at Rainbow Six Siege will give you a free operator for your team


Who's coming down your chimney (with an MP5)?

Players entering the Ubisoft tactical shooter Rainbow Six Fence during the holiday period a special "Holiday Package" (SiegeVariant in game inboxes) containing a free Operator who is yet to join his list of quick door kicks.

All you have to do is boot the game after the most recent update and go to the Packages section where your new Operator is waiting to be revealed. Myself? I received the Ying striker of China's theme Operation Blood Orchid, it's all about flash grenades and visual impairment. If you already have all the game operators, you will receive 25,000 Renown.

The offer is live on all platforms and ends on January 1st, so be sure to log in and get a new waifu / snuffing with flannel chips soon. Rainbow Six Fence is now available on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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