Monday , April 19 2021

Shrek and pirates of the Caribbean writer criticized for N-Word tweets

Writer and producer Terry Rossio is facing a wave of tweets that amounts to calling someone anti-vaccination, calling it "n-word." Rossio is best known for writing or co-writing family-friendly movie scripts like Disney's in 1992. Aladdinmore Shrek, The Lonely Patrolman, Godzilla Vs. Kongand several Pirates of the Caribbean movies. His controversial tweets came during a vaccination debate with The CW's The 100 writer Julie Benson.

Terry Rossio used the full word n ​​in the context of the anti-vaccination movement and found a strong response. He continued to respond to Julie Benson on the topic, adding the word n ​​again in an accompanying argument:

The conversation got more and more heated by the addition of the word n, but this is not the first time celebrities have been debating the debate over vaccines. Jimmy Kimmel even posted an anti-vaccination PSA following a measles outbreak in the US. Jenny McCarthy has been particularly frank in questioning the vaccines, but later said it was not anti-vaccine, she just thought parents should ask questions and be aware and educate themselves.

From now on, Terry Rossio tweets are still on the rise, and he is defending his position. Rossio is credited as the only writer of Godzilla Vs. Kong, with launch scheduled for 2020, next year Godzilla: King of Monsters. Rossio was also hired to write the Warner Bros. article. Jonny Quest movie. This movie just announced The LEGO Batman MovieChris McKay as a director.

Viggo Mortensen recently apologized after using the full n word during a panel discussion on Green Paper. The context of its use was in giving examples of discourse that was common in the 1960s – when the film was assembled – but no longer used today. Mortensen's co-star, Mahershala Ali, explained how to use the full word is always painful in any context, but he accepted and embraced Mortensen's apology.

Disney representatives, Warner Bros. and Terry Rossio have not yet commented on Rossio's tweets. Last year, many high profile people shot off controversial tweets, including ABCanne / Disney's Roseanne Barr Roseanne and James Gunn from Disney Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The controversial jokes of James Gunn were almost a decade ago, and his dismissal was hit by a huge rebound from the fans. A Warner Bros. hired Gunn recently to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2.

Last month, Terry Rossio tweeted about 2019 Aladdin trailer, calling it "strange" that the only spoken words were a rhyme that he and his writing partner wrote for the original film. He added that Disney "offers zero compensation to us (or to any screenwriter in any of these live upheavals), not even a T-shirt or a park pass." The new Aladdin is scheduled to open May 24, 2019. Here's what else is coming to theaters in 2019.

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