Shots fired! Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock overthrows team for lack of desire


That comes from Edmonton Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock, his vicious accusation against Edmonton Oilers after a 5-2 loss to San Jose Sharks on Saturday night.

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Hitchcock told reporters that the Oilers had as many weird guys as San Jose, but the Oilers can not do that, since San Jose has all kinds of players who can finish a play.

"When you put the skill before work, you burn. And there's a lot of it going on.

"We do not even give us a chance to fight The game is over When you do this several times and make casual plays like that, you do not have a chance We did the first, second goal, we did the fourth goal.

"I do not have the answers, but we can not play that way and really expect to win hockey games, not at this time of year, frankly never, maybe in a display game. For the players, it has to be really unacceptable to play with so much thing, to be able to move two or three points within seven and eight, to play that way, this may not be acceptable.

"We can not do the things we're doing for ourselves and hope to be a playoff team."

On the weak start of Leon Draisaitl in the second goal of San Jose, Hitchcock described it as a "symptom of something much bigger". For me, it's priorities and that's what's important. I mean, look at the fifth goal, it was a goal of change, we just dribbled we went to the bench (again this was Draisaitl), turned him in the neutral zone and just walked to the bench and changed. That simply can not be acceptable. "

Hitchcock was nuclear: "At this time of year, coaches can not want more than the players. This is number one. At the end of the day, it will be decided whether we want to play the right way because it is successful, or if we just want to do our business. And for me today it was a game that we just wanted to do our thing and we paid dearly for it.

"I mean, how many times did we lose board battles in the offensive zone where we had the advantage of size and they went straight from the boards and ended up leaving. That's just flat determination … It happens a lot. This is work. This is a second and third league of effort. And it's a league of discipline, especially among the bluelines and when you do what we do, and for me this is typical of what happened in four of the last six games, especially at home … In the end, players have to get to a point where they are just tired of it … For me, personally, it's really annoying. It really bothers me to see that. So I'm going to fix this.

My turn

  1. There! The coach looks bitter. And I'm not sure if this diatribe will help more than it will hurt. That certainly speaks of Hitchcock's frustration.
  2. When a coach is so frustrated with his team as to make such a charge in public, well, that's a sign that things have gotten off the rails. I'm not sure how this will end for Hitchcock on the Oilers, but that was not a promising sign.
  3. OIlers sometimes seem to lack effort and discipline. Much more often, it seems like they have no skill and especially speed. Even with Connor McDavid, the fastest NHL skater on the team, this team is certainly in contention for being the slowest team in the NHL, with six or seven players who are, at best, marginal skaters when it comes to speed or agility. Until this talent deficit is settled, there will be more games like this, where a team of superior skills will do the Oil show.
  4. Bakersfield Condors are now the best team in their division at AHL. The Condors won the games in a row. It's a team with good skill. If the Oilers are looking for a full line of skills, they can remember Tyler Benson, Cooper Marody and Kailer Yamamoto along with d-men Caleb Jones and, if he is well, Andrej Sekera. Players like Kyle Brodziak, Brandon Manning, Tobias Rieder, Milan Lucic and Kevin Gravel were able to sit down. Work for you? I'd like to see that.

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