Wednesday , June 16 2021

Shaw CEO says "great opportunity" when launching its own wireless brand

Shaw Communications president and CEO Brad Shaw used the media call of his company's 2019 annual general meeting to claim that there is "great opportunity" to launch a first-line wireless brand.

"[There’s a] many opportunities to enter the market, "Shaw said during the January 17, 2019 media call, answering a question posed by MobileSyrup.

Shaw added that customers are attracted to the "right offer with the right network" and that the telecom service provider always looks at both sides of the price market when planning the plans.

"I'm sensitive to make sure we're not jumping from one thing to another," Shaw said.

"From now on, we are comfortable where we are, but we will always look at these things in the future."

In response to a MobileSyrup Concerning the possibility of establishing a Shaw brand carrier as the primary wireless service provider while using the company's Freedom Mobile subsidiary as a mid-level or low-end offering, Shaw said "all these options are opening up for us" .

Answering a question from CarttShaw said the company's broadband offer "is the strength, it's history going forward."

"Our real focus is on securing fixed-line stabilization, broadband, managing video profitability, we're very comfortable with what that gives us," Shaw said.

Calgary-based Shaw currently owns the Toronto-based regional player – and the fourth largest wireless subscription business – to Freedom Mobile.

Brad Shaw used the same media call to add that his company is currently testing the Shaw and Freedom Mobile packages at some retail stores.

"This comes into question about the brand and where Shaw Wireless is going," Shaw said.

Shaw acquired Wind Mobile in March 2016, eventually renaming it Freedom Mobile in November 2016.

According to Shaw's earnings report for the first quarter of 2019, 70% of Freedom Mobile's customers are in the east, while only 30% of the mobile's subscribers are in the west.

The same earnings report revealed that Freedom Mobile now has 1,468,473 wireless customers throughout its full operational reach in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

The carrier plans to expand its presence in all of its current provincial markets by 2019.

It is worth noting that Shaw registered trademarks of Shaw Mobility and Shaw Wireless in September 2017, suggesting that the company may have plans to debut a first-brand wireless brand or possibly even rename Freedom Mobile again in the future.

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