Serious Incident Attracts Dozens of Policemen to Apartment in Downtown Winnipeg


Winnipeg police surrounded a downtown apartment building for hours on Monday because of what the force is calling a "serious incident."

Police were called to an apartment on Colony Street around 3:30 p.m. and blocked the street between Broadway and York Avenue.

Several police officers blocked Colony. (Ahmar Khan / CBC)

Dozens of armed officers were involved in the one-hour incident, including the tactical support team and the armored vehicle of the Winnipeg Police Service.

Few details have been disclosed. A police spokesman said late Monday night that there was no risk to neighbors in the area, but people were not allowed in and out of the apartment in question, or the two buildings on either side.

Police did not divulge many details, saying only that neighbors in the area are not at risk. (Ahmar Khan / CBC)

Some tenants were escorted earlier in the day for their own safety, police said.

A spokesman said no one was injured, but members of the Winnipeg fire and paramedics service remained on the scene at night as a precaution.

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