Sunday , October 24 2021

Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells


Breakthrough: scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells

People use red ribbons to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS (Photo: Instagram)

Scientists have announced a major breakthrough in potential to find new treatments for HIV.

French researchers have revealed that they have successfully destroyed HIV-infected cells.

Scientists at the Institut Pasteur de Paris have used metabolic activity inhibitors to eliminate "resevoir" cells.

Scientists succeed in destroying HIV-infected cells

Antiretroviral drugs are unable to completely remove the virus.

Even when HIV is reduced to undetectable levels, a small amount of the virus is latent within certain cells.

The virus can also multiply if people stop taking the medication.

The virus remains in reservoirs, the immune cells of CD4 lymphocytes, which are the primary targets of HIV.

The elimination of these hidden reservoirs of viruses has become a key target among scientists wishing to find a cure for HIV.

Theoretically, this French technique could perhaps completely eradicate HIV from the body.

Could this new technique help rid the body of HIV?

A spokesman for the Institut Pasteur said: "The antiretroviral treatment used today is designed to block HIV infection, but it is not able to eliminate the virus from the body.

"The virus remains in reservoirs – the immune cells of CD4 T lymphocytes, the main targets of HIV."

HIV hits cells with high metabolic activity and "hijacks" their energy to multiply.

"Thanks to inhibitors of metabolic activity, the researchers were able to destroy these infected cells, or" reservoirs, "ex vivo.

The next step in research will be to evaluate the potential of using this technique in living organisms.

Trump closes study on "cure" for HIV

Trump's administration quietly closed a study on a "cure" for HIV in September.

The study implanted human fetal tissue in mice in their quest to find a new and effective treatment for HIV.

Human fetal tissue came from elective abortions. Although legal, anti-abortion groups oppose research.

However, in late September, an email sent by an RML researcher to the bioscience contractor who provided the fetal tissue, said they would not be able to proceed.

At the email to Advanced Bioscience Resources in California, the researcher said:[[[[Department of Health and Human Services]directed me to discontinue ABR fetal tissue procurement, the only source for us. I think they are the sole provider of fetal tissue for scientists in the country who do not have direct access to aborted fetal tissue. This effectively prevents all our research from discovering the cure for HIV.

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