São João Pondera Heated Sidewalks in the Center


A counselor from the city of São João is suggesting that the city take a page out of an American city book to help keep the sidewalks clean in the winter.

Counselor Sandy Hickman wants to see the city hall institute a heated sidewalk pilot project downtown.

Hickman says he was inspired by an article he read about the city of Holland, Michigan, which has a heated sidewalk system to melt much of the pedestrians' snow.

He says the system would not be a cure for everyone, as snow would still have to be cleaned after significant weather systems. But it would help melt small amounts of snow and reduce the amount of ice.

Hickman wants to see the system installed on a section of the sidewalk during the next phase of the waterfront infrastructure project later this year.

He says it may take a few years for us to know how effective the system is. It all depends on the type of winter we ended up having.


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