Samsung will fight against the fall in sales of handsets with models built for India


Warsi did not elaborate on details, but said the phones would cost between 10,000 and 20,000 rupees (about $ 142 to $ 284) and would include features that do not always reach the cheaper phones, such as heavy and fast batteries. loading. Early leaks suggest that the Galaxy M10, M20 and M30 would use the latest mid-range 7-series Exynos chips, would feature "waterdrop" screens (think OnePlus 6T) and would include at least one model with a giant 5.000mAh battery.

It's no secret why Samsung is targeting in India: it's a prime battleground. Chinese brands like Xiaomi and Vivo are thriving in the country, and Samsung is currently in the background with 22%. In theory, the Galaxy M line picks up people who would otherwise have their heart attached to a Chinese device. Whether this works or not, is another story. India's telephony space is fiercely competitive and, going well, will not necessarily be enough to make up for the problems in other parts of the world.


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