Rumor: Switch Lite to maintain the ability to plug in, Nintendo still & # 39; t experimenting & # 39; with more powerful model


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Not long ago, we reported on the rumor that Nintendo is working on not one, but two new Switch models – a version & # 39; Lite & # 39; apparently geared towards the younger segment of the market and an edition of Pro & # 39; with enhanced features.

Now, the Japanese business magazine Nikkei offered some more information. Regarding the "cheap" variant, the Nikkei once again backs up Wall Street Journal reports explaining how this particular system will be cheaper and more portable. He also mentions how the smaller system will be released this fall and can still be played on a television with the help of a dock – which goes against earlier rumors claiming the "Switch Lite" would be not be playable in this mode.

However, it's the most powerful part of the report that is perhaps more interesting:

In addition to the smaller, budget-focused model, is the development of the next generation revised model, designed to replace what is currently available. It is believed that Nintendo is experiencing a number of different things for the device, including usability, better image processing and operating system changes, among other things. A source of development argues, however, that it is not yet clear at this stage who in the company will eventually take the lead in the conceptual development of the new console.

It seems that Nintendo is currently undecided about which direction the "Pro" model should follow, and the text suggests that the "Lite" variant will hit the market first. The text also makes it seem like this most powerful version will be a true successor to Switch – a model of the next generation & # 39; – which goes against previous rumors that it would be more of an upgrade from & # 39; 3DS to New 3DS & # 39;.

Note: The story was previously published after an incorrect translation of the source. It has now been corrected to reflect the most accurate translation.


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