Royal expert thinks Kate Middleton is threatened by Meghan Markle for a reason


Kate Middleton could feel threatened by Meghan Markle?

We are not sure if there is any truth in this particular point of view, but, according to a royal expert, Kate Middleton may feel intimidated by the former Suits actress.


Well, Carole Malone, a broadcaster and journalist, is of the opinion that the Duchess of Cambridge might have been "erased" when Meghan started dating Prince Harry.

Carole believes that, as Kate would have been the center of attention before Meghan joined the royal family, she might have been unhappy when suddenly the limelight was on the Hollywood star.

This is in contrast to reports that Kate is not a fan of public attention and prefers to stay out of the spotlight when possible.

Kate V Meghan: Princesses at War it is a Channel 5 program focusing on the two women and Carole was one of the real experts who contributed to show.

According The expresso, she said:

"I think Kate would definitely be threatened by Meghan's presence and her appearance in the real scene.

"I think if you had been the best dog if you were the beautiful girl everyone's been photographing for the last two or three or four years, you might be a little depressed when that beautiful, American, Hollywood star comes to the scene" .

Carole goes on to say that they are very different characters and come from very different backgrounds, but again this does not mean that they can not get along together.

There are rumors that there is a feud between the two for a couple of months, but it is believed that this was put to bed at Christmas amid reports that the queen was frustrated with the two women not talking to each other.

The Queen

They spend a lot of time together at Christmas, including a public appearance on Christmas Day, and it is believed that they are getting along now, as you will see here.


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