Monday , October 18 2021

Round Rousey In Assist Asuka At WWE TLC And His Chemistry In The Ring With Nia Jax


Ronda Rousey shared a question and answer interview from her YouTube channel (transcript via Wrestling Inc) and talked about helping Asuka on TLC, her chemistry with Nia Jax and more …

Where her rivalry with Nia Jax is now: "I have not seen Nia since NAFTA. I know she had a very difficult day. [Laughs] I think she's taking some time to heal. She had a title fight and it was not so well, so she can have the time she wants. I consider the problem solved. I do not know if she does. Until she messes with me, I have no more problems with her.

Why does she like Nia Jax as an adversary?: "Nia is a singular opponent because she is much stronger than I am. But being that I come from judo and everything is about maximum efficiency and all about minimal effort, neutral well being and being able to overcome the disadvantages of size and use the momentum of an opponent against them. I think I would create a really interesting confrontation, where all the power she has can use against her and to my advantage. I can really use all the power she has to make me able to do more things that I would not be able to do with anyone else and that way I feel like Nia is a great fight for me. It makes me feel that I am more capable of it than anyone else. There are certain things I can do with her that I would not be able to do with anyone else, so it's always a great opportunity to get in the ring with her regardless of how I personally feel about her. "

Helping Asuka in her match against Charlotte and Becky on WWE TLC: "I have a lot of respect for Asuka and I always liked it. I really did not want to rain on his show at the Royal Rumble. I just wanted to go out and congratulate her and bring more eyes to her incredible moment. She did not seem very enthusiastic about it. At TLC, both Charlotte and Becky are a bunch of crooks, they had come to them. I do not have to explain my actions to anyone. I was completely justified by my actions. The return is a b – and Askua deserves to be champion more than any of them. She never had to cheat. She never had to leave a game because she was losing. She is the best and now she is the champion. "

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