Rhyno addresses WWE retirement rumors


Heath Slater and Rhyno were forced to fight last week in WWE RAW in a match organized by Baron Corbin that did not end well for Rhyno. The match was for his work on RAW, meaning that the loser would be fired and Slater beat out quickly.

In a message to WWE.com, Rhyno dismissed rumors that he was hanging on his boots. It turns out that Baron Corbin's abuse of power last week was not a sign that Mangeast's career was over.

"Apparently it started after I competed in a match with Heath Slater and the loser was fired from Raw, which Heath Slater won – a match that was made by Baron Corbin." "I'm not retiring, I had no plans to retire.

That should answer your question about Rhyno's future in WWE. We are not 100% sure about what he will do, but at least he is not retiring, so there will be more.


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