Recap "Outlander": Season 4, Episode 7 – "Down the Rabbit Hole"


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Brianna and Roger take a leap in time this week Outlander, thank you sir. It's been fun to see Jamie and Claire channeling Bob Vila and all, but I'm ready for the Frasers and Rog to be in one place (and century) so that the joyful reunions, tearful misunderstandings and eighteenth-century telephone game * move on!

On a related note, this week's episode brings back two characters we have not seen for some time: Frank and Laoghaire. For the first time, particularly in Laoghaire's case, we see aspects of both that do not come to light when the story is told from Claire's perspective. In addition: Nell Hudson does not receive enough credit for the way she masterfully plays Jamie's ex-wife.

But wait, before I forget: Frank to know Was Claire destined to go back in time again?

Read about the highlights of "Down the Rabbit Hole".

* Do not you know what I'm talking about? You will and soon!

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleBRIANNA ARRIVES | Brianna, who definitely got back to old Scotland, walks the Highlands in the snow. She occasionally consults an ancient map, but she is far from anything, even a bit like civilization. At one point, she falls and gravely damages her ankle; when she absorbs it in an icy stream to contain the swelling, we see that she is very sprained. But she continues, limping along a road and sleeping under the stars. She is able to start a fire using a box of matches that she wisely brought from the future, and dines on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The next morning, however, she is in a lot of pain and looks quite pale. As she crosses the forest, she notices the smoke from the chimney of a house in the distance. But before she can do anything about it, she faints.

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleBE LEARY, IT'S LAOGHAIRE! | Bree dreams / remembers herself as a girl, with Frank (hi, Tobias Menzies!) Raising her gently from a car in which she slept. When she really wakes up, she is tucked into a bed in a cozy house, and Laoghaire – !!! – was your savior.

The ugliest girl who ever prostituted Laoghaire and Joanie were going home, they discovered, when they found Bree near a tree. "We had no choice but to take him home," explains the older woman, introducing herself and her youngest daughter and telling Bree she can stay as long as it takes. Brianna says she's from England, but her parents are in North Carolina, and she's going to meet them there. "Marsali in North Carolina!" Joanie speaks.

A note before we proceed: Autumn barrelsBrianna appears on Lallybroch first. That's where she meets Ian. and Jenny, and her first interaction with Laoghaire is decidedly different (read: Bree knows who she is right away, and she shocks everyone by announcing that Laoghaire was behind the Cranesmuir business.In a nutshell, they scream a lot at each other) . "We had plans to go to Lallybroch and do certain things," executive producer Matthew B. Roberts told me, "and then, through the availability of actors, we could not tell the story exactly the way we wanted it. So we had to reformulate. "

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleSHIPPIN OUT | In 1969, Roger and Fiona drive to Craig on Dun. He shaved his beard and wore vintage costumes in preparation for the trip, and he has money, a compass, a knife and some precious stones to see him safely in the past. As they walk toward the circle, he hears a buzz, but Fiona can not. "The stones do not call me," she recalls. They hug each other, then he walks toward the stone and puts his palms on it. Later, Fi!

We do not see him again until he is in 1700, seeking the passage to the Carolinas. Oh, look, Roger found another hat. Joy. The captain of Gloriana – wait a minute, it's Stephen Bonnet! "He says he's going to Wilmington, but he does not take any more passengers. Then Roger lifts the barrel over his shoulder to prove that he is strong enough to join the crew. Bonnet looks fun, so he tosses a coin to decide if Rog may or may not come on board. When the move comes out in favor of Roger, Bonnet yells, "There are four ports before Wilmington. I hope she's worth.

AN INTERESTING DEVELOPMENT OF VERRA | On his first night at Laoghaire, Ian comes to give money to Laoghaire. But it's not the full amount of the monthly allowance that Jamie owes her, and she's very upset about it. The next morning, Bree dresses one of Marsali's dresses and comes to help Laoghaire and Joanie in the garden. That's when the little girl tells her about her "Da", who created her, but it was not her biological father. The two redheads unite for being raised by good men who were not in love with their mothers.

And that brings us to a very intriguing retrospective that comes at the time of Brianna's high school graduation. The teenager finds her father in his Harvard office, drunk and discouraged. He does not say exactly why, but when Bree asks what are some papers on his desk, we you can see that he had a copy of Claire and Jamie's death warrant – the one that Roger and Bree found independently of each other – at that time. He highlights it as "a colleague's research in Scotland," and when she presses on, just adding that it's "complicated." He finally sends her home, and she leaves in irritation.

THIS IS INTERESTING, NO, OLDLANDERS? In the books, we learn that Frank knew that Jamie survived the Battle of Culloden, but it is not clear how much more research he did after that. But this small change indicates that Frank not only knew that Jamie ended up dying in North Carolina … but that Claire was with him when it happened.. So you can look at this scene as Frank realizing that no matter what he does, Claire is destined to leave him again and go back through the rocks. It may also explain why – in season 3 and in another flashback in this episode – he pushes Brianna so much to move to England with him: If Claire will leave them, they may well make that break on their own terms, possibly sparing Bree a little bit of pain? Or maybe he's doing it to make things easier for Claire, to tie up some loose ends ahead of time?

Of course, he tells Brianna nothing. And when he announces divorce and launches the movement, she deeply rejects both. "Sometimes life makes unexpected turns. And when it does, do you know what we do? We move on, "he tells her, but she's very upset and goes away so they can not argue anymore. Unfortunately, we know this happens shortly before he gets into the car accident, which means that their last talk was furious. Much later, in her grave, Brianna cries when she promises that she will "soldier".

Outlander Recap Season 4 Episode 7 Down the Rabbit HoleTHE TRUTH GOES | Bree's stay at Laoghaire's house is going swimming until the blonde mentions Lallybroch. Brianna gets excited and says her relatives live there and her mother spent time there. "And who could be your mother?" Laoghaire politely asks. "Claire Fraser," Bree replies. Hold on to your stomachs because it will get wild here! Laoghaire's way goes from maternal to fragile quick REAL. Without revealing that she knows exactly who Bree's mother is, the blond bitch begins to talk about how Jamie left Claire when she discovered she was pregnant. "I do not like repeating these things myself," she adds, airily, which makes me laugh.

"I can avoid their death if I go to them now. There's going to be a fire, "says Bree, which immediately makes Laoghaire suspicious. Brianna? First time travel club rule? DO NOT TALK ABOUT THE TIME-TRAVEL CLUB. Ultimately, Laoghaire only wants the money she owes, and she fears the Frasers have sent Bree to spy on her. "Your mother is the thief prostitute who stole my husband and left me with no money!", She screams, and things only get higher from there.

When Bree goes to pack her things, Laoghaire follows. "Claire Fraser should have burned at the stake in Cranesmuir," she spits. A penny falls to Brianna: "Oh my God: You're the one who tried to kill my mother!" In Laoghaire's mind, this only cements the notion that Bree is just the last witch in Claire's clan, and she says so. "I'm sure it's easier than facing the truth, and the truth is, Jamie Fraser never loved you," Bree shoots, and Laoghaire then locks her in the room and says she'll have her guest arrested for sorcery.

BONNET IS A BADDIE | In Gloriana, Roger is a friend of a passenger who travels with a child. That night he is awakened by the cry of a woman and runs to see what is happening. A young passenger has smallpox and her mother begs Bonnet not to throw her out the window to stop the spread of the disease. Roger begs Bonnet too, but the cold stone captain pushes the child into the icy waters. His mother dives behind her. They are both doomed. While Roger is in shock, Bonnet orders the crew to examine everyone and bring in someone who is sick.

The child's mother, whose name is Morag MacKenzie, goes mad: the baby has a teething, which makes it look like he has pox, but he is not. So Roger promises to hide her and baby Jemmy and bring food to them, a plan Bonnet eventually realizes and confronts them both. "Would you say you're a betting man, MacKenzie?" Bonnet asks, tossing a coin to see if Roger lives or dies. Go forth in your behalf; Bonnet leaves them alone.

BREEK KNOW YOUR UNCLE | Bree just managed to open a window of her new prison when Joanie unlocks the door and takes her to Lallybroch. "It's not your fault your mother is a witch," the girl tells her. What a good child!

Jenny is helping give birth to a grandson, but Ian is home when Bree arrives. He instantly believes what she says, noting that she has Claire's eyes, and calls it "an unexpected blessing." Then he gives her money to buy passage to the colonies, a chest full of Claire's old clothes, and a hint to find Jocasta on the River Run when she arrives in North Carolina. Man, Ian is always, always the best.

At the harbor, shortly before the passage of Bree's books, she is approached by a man named Joseph Wemyss, who begs her to take her daughter as a servant. Brianna is not interested, but her story of how another man is going to buy the girl and keep her as a concubine chases her a little. So very soon Brianna and Lizzie Wemyss (who looks nothing like I imagined her from the book, but whatever) are both leaving to board the Philip Alonso.

Before they board the ship, Brianna looks back and imagines Frank standing there and nodding affectionately at her. Then she turns and goes on the next adventure.

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