Recap: do not call it back – Leafs lose 5 to 4 in OT


For the first time this year, the Toronto Maple Leafs will play a game with their Fully Operational Battle Station best possible programming. Because? Oh, you may not have heard that WILLIAM NYLANDER WILL SIGN WITH THE LEAFS AND PLAY THE FIRST GAME AT NIGHT!

Willy is excited and the fans are excited and the coach is excited and Dubas is excited and his teammates are excited and Fulemin and Arvind are back to enthusiasm.

Maybe Willy can help Sparks take this training to even greater heights.

Lets do this.


We were treated to an epic game intro … sorry did I say the intro of the game? I mean an epic NYLANDER intro. Play with my emotions based on William, Sportsnet. I'm here for this!

[20:00 to 15:00]

Nylander watches when the Leafs start with the Tavares line, and we're out! Nothing happens on the turn, and HERE WE GO WILLY JUMPS ON ICE! He has a little joy and booing that I've heard, so it's cool. And so, they are back … Babs, you provoke 🙁

Nylander does not watch much in this early game. I do not think Nylander has seen a kick in the net yet this game, and it's more than 3 minutes in the game. Willy watches the fourth row have a decent chance of Lindholm, but his attempt to kick was partially blocked and went away.

With the Tavares line bouncing, Nylander sees a good chance to score and our first kick in the net before four minutes. Then he jumps up and picks up some of Willy's vintage pieces: loading the disk into an entrance into the clean zone, circling the zone and crossing a cross of ice to the point of a shot.

Nylander jumps back to the third row, and he watches a game of ticking from Kadri to Johnsson, from Gardiner to Kapanen, to the goal. 1-0 Leafs!

[15:00 to 10:00]

Soon after Nylander sees the game cross the 15-minute mark, Fulemin's Curse hurts the Leafs. After making a joke earlier today over Jonathan Ericsson by scoring a hat trick, GUESS WANTS TO SCORE Ericsson has managed a clean spot that has gone through a partially armored Sparks. Nylander is shaking his head now … 1-1 draw game.

Proof of the treachery of Fulemin:

Maybe a minute later, the Wings are rushing on the ice and Glendening, the fourth Wings man, gets the record in a broken game … Mitch Marner seemed to be the Leaf that was supposed to catch him up. In the replay, it looks like he got stuck on the boards at the beginning of the play by Glendening, which led him to slow the ice. 2-1 Wings.

Not long after the Leafs had a chance to play power. The PP1 did not get anything, in fact they were very attractive. Not to be left behind, the PP2 comes and is readily mega butt. His best chance came at a Nylander zone entrance and a disk traversing the ice for Ennis for a point shot.

[10:00 to 5:00]

Nylander starts to get his legs underneath him except when he stumbles on a Wings player with the two hitting a referee and taking him out with them.

Marner makes his magic move through the neutral zone, creating a 3 on 2. You will be shocked to learn that he passed to Tavares, who took a slap from the circle by a simple save from Bernier. One of these days, Marner will take this shot and half of the GTA will have a heart attack.

Oof, Leafs almost gave up on another goal. Ozzie had this strange passage / dressing that killed Matthews. The Wings got the best and then Sparks made two good saves. The fourth line leaped afterwards and was surrounded by its own end.

The leaves seem to have fallen asleep for the last moment.

[5:00 to Fin]

The third line jumps and THEY ARE WAKING UP! Kappy kicks off the attack, and in the next move, Kadri kicked the crossbar. Poor Naz … he's in his snake phase again.

With the Nylander line, he makes a hard and sharp pass for Matthews, who is knocked over by Jensen when he cuts off the middle of the ice to make a penalty. Go back to the PP with the chance to tie it. The PP1 unit managed some time in the zone, but had no chance of quality. After a minute, the Nylander Unit jumped on the ice for … the same lack of success.

The fourth line came after the PP ended and Connor Brown had a great chance but did not get a good chance that ended up being blocked. And right after the Leafs receive a penalty. Actually, no, no! Because on the Nyquist roofs of late penalty ended over Sparks, who was in a strangely crouched position, perhaps anticipating a pass or shot near the side? Only 12 seconds remaining in the period too …. 3-1 Wings.

First Period Thoughts

The good:

The evil:

  • Outscored 3-1, and did not look exactly unlucky
  • Willy looked like a guy who has not been to a training / NHL training camp this year, plus some legal passes or zone tickets
  • The Leafs had a terrible period when they were turnovers and low defensive coverage of zones, which contributed …
  • 7 great danger chances for the Wings at 5v5 for the Leafs & # 39; 4, and this shows:


[20:00 to 15:00]

The Kadri line begins the period, and they have a decent change thanks to the stubbornness of Kapanen and Kadri. The Tavares line follows with another good change. The Matthews line arrives and after Nylander hits a cherry and helps set up Marleau for a chance (it was blocked).

Soon after that, Athanasiou had a partial break in which Sparks made a good save save. The Leafs froze the disc later, twice, and Nylander looked a little gassed each time before he could finally get off the ice.

[15:00 to 10:00]

The leaves are then surrounded by a long turn with Tavares and co on the ice. The Kadri line again has a big change, staying in the Wings zone and not letting them leave when they have a chance. They just did not get a good chance to score.

Then the Tavares line arrived and created some good chances. Mitch had the disc in the slot, but his kick was blocked. Hainsey was able to get in with the record, but he hit his wrist with a wide shot. They are losing ground in the pitches of the network department, but they look pretty much the same in the attempts before my eyes. Unfortunately Marner took a stumbling penalty, but they at least did not score before they could touch the puck.

[10:00 to 5:00]

The Leafs have killed the penalty … that's good! Mike Green scored on a floater shot from the spot just after Marner came out of the box …. this is bad. 4-1 wings.

And the game goes from bad to worse as noted piece of shit Niklas Kronwall put a cheap shot boarding, knocking Matthews clumsily on the plates in the corner. Absolutely fucking fucking. May all your dreams be tormented by angry bedbugs until the last breath.

Matthews, fortunately, seemed to be fine, jumping on the ice with PP1 after the second unit started the power play. They have a good chance on the high end of Kadri that Bernier has stopped. Matthews took a good shot in the post that Bernier partially halted. They did not score, and shortly after the PP finished, Kadri had a GLORIOUS chance at the front that he could not take a steady shot when he was falling, but the net was open for him.

[5:00 to Fin]

The leaves seem to have some life now at least, positive thinking! That makes it a PERFECT time for Lindholm to take a penalty …. sigh. They happily ended it, but with a few minutes remaining in the period they did not mount a combined offensive effort.

Nylander gives them a chance after scoring a Kronwall penalty. The period ends with the sheets still down 4-1, but with more than a minute of PP time to start the third.

Second Thoughts Period

This game is ass. The leaves look like butt. Your PP looks like an ass. The Red Wings are butt but they are still winning a lot. Kronwall is a butthead. It's all here!

The Leafs had more attempts to kick in that period, but a) many of them were blocked (they actually only had 5 shots on goal in the period) b) those who were not blocked were likely to score poorly, and c) still lost the battle chance of scoring in 5v5.


[20:00 to 15:00]

We're back, with the Leafs still in the PP. A goal here would be a good sign that a return is not out of the question … just to say. Too bad that could not happen, since the Leafs never had a good chance to score. Their PP was finalized, or the Wings PK was good (hahahaha).

The Kadri line with Kapanen has been the best line in the game, and they had another good change. We're starting to see Babs play Rielly with Gardiner on the same turn, and it works! Rielly enters the zone and feeds Tavares to an open opportunity he does not miss as he steals the highest shelf to make a two-goal play. 4-2 game.

Babs follows the goal with a line from Johnsson – Matthews – Kapanen … Matthews or his wings? You tell me! Nylander is out with Kadri and Marleau later, I do not know who was transferred and who was moved down.

The Wings are starting to look a bit confusing now, and the Leafs are starting to take more chances and keep the pressure offensive. The Tavares line had another big chance, with both Hyman and Tavares unable to put the pick in a Marner pass right in front. The crowd is getting into it, the Leafs seem to have their legs and the Wings are going into turtle mode.

[15:00 to 10:00]

The Matthews lineup with its new wingers had a great chance in the next turn, with Matthews and Rielly playing give and go in an electric run that ends with Rielly narrowly missing the top corner. Leaf the Wings with 6 shots on goal in less than 6 minutes, plus a few near misses of quality.

We see the Gardiner and Rielly together again with the Tavares line, and they continue to look more dangerous in this period. Out of a cherry, that pair of D stays out, but the Matthews line joins them.

Sparks had to make a good defense in Wings' attempt to push back, keeping him in a two-goal game. And it worked! The Tavares line again, out of a great move from Marner to enter the zone. Ozzie had the point of shot and Hyman on the rebound makes a one-goal game! 4-3 with half time to play!

[10:00 to 5:00]

GAME OF TIE !!!!!!! Babcock's magic programming worked wonders. A little way to start a race led Matthews to enter the zone. He makes a wrong kick but jumps to Johnsson on the short side, who makes a small, good shot over Bernier's shoulder. It's all right now! 4-4 tie game!

The game looked a little after the draw, with the Wings beginning to push back some chances again, but the Leafs did not return to their slowness early in the game.

[5:00 to Fin]

A lot of movement from end to end, but without sustained zone time and without freezing. Kronwall approaches Brown trying to fight a cherry, but without penalty. Brown, however, struggles hard and the Leafs keep some time in the area around Kadri and force a cover.

We have not seen any Willy in the past, Babs could have sat him down to catch his breath by OT or the shooting. Her minutes fell apart for each period.

Marner almost took Bernier by surprise with a twist of the boards. Bernier made an awkward defense as he had to squeeze his arms to keep from sneaking up. We have a minute left over with the game tied.

Out of a defensive zone tie, they run a set set and Brown is sent off by a breaker that Bernier stops. Soon after that, the Wings came down and a pique shot ran out of both posts with 10 seconds remaining, and Rielly saved a goal by deflecting Larkin's rebound through the net. Yeesh … out of 3 in 3 overtime we go!

Thoughts from the Third Period

And they did! MUCH better period for the leaves. Babcock stirred the lines and pairings and activated his energy. They tried Wings 31 to 18 at that time, and while Sparks had to make some good saves, the Leafs had some good returns on their way (thanks to posts based).


A little frantic back and forth to start with no shots coming from him. In the Wings' turn, Sparks had to make a solid save post to post on Larkin. He had to do a good check on another Wings chance ahead, which ended up giving a partial pause in Marleau, the way Bernier saved him.

This is like the opposite side to the overtime vs. Buffalo. Lots of end to end, ownership changes and chances for each team.

And the round-trip extensions end with a goal from Larkin. A Tavares turnover led Larkin up the ice as he left the field and beat Sparks for the goal as an opposing player to be insured by a cheap shot.


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