Real estate: Arthur Erickson classic in West Vancouver on the market for three times the appraised value


A house in West Vancouver described as the most complete work of the famous architect Arthur Erickson is in the market for $ 16.8 million.

The great price and impressive features of this curved steel and glass house, completed in 1988 for manufacturer Hugo Eppich and his wife Brigitte, were of international interest that the Daily Mail published a story in the house on Sunday.

The article talks about the house as a "masterpiece of three layers" and a "cascade of steel and glass". The house also contains several pieces of furniture and other features designed by Erickson and comes with a carriage house and – of course – a pool. He has been in the Eppich family since it was completed.

The pool at 1056 Groveland Road, West Vancouver.

Erickson, a veteran of World War II who died in 2009, had as his trademark the ability to create projects that fit the natural environment and the climate of the building. His notable accomplishments include the Simon Fraser University campus in Burnaby and the UBC Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. But he also designed many fine houses, including some in West Vancouver.

What's interesting about this listing – especially in the light of recent BC studies Evaluation numbers showing isolated homes in West Vancouver fell by an average of 12% between July 1, 2017 and July 1, 2018 – is their assessed value .

According to B.C. House rating is 6,257 square feet – although the real estate listing states that it is 5,887 square feet – and stands on a 1.18 acre lot (listing can be seen here.)

The appraisal authority, as of July 1, 2018, evaluated the house at US $ 5,258 million, which is comprised of US $ 4.14 million for land and US $ 1,118 million for the house itself. That's a $ 1.6 million drop in value as of July 1, 2017, when Crown considered it to be worth $ 6,861 million.

In today's declining real estate market, where homes are being advertised as "below rated value," this makes this an unusual list, not just for the artistic and stunning home that it is, but for marking based on fame and notorious architecture . value that is placed in Arthur Erickson.


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