RCMP to impose injunction for access of past pipeline company Gidimt's checkpoint at camp


The RCMP intends to impose a Monday injunction to allow a pipeline company to access a forestry service road in northern California. where people in the Gidimt camp have established a fortified checkpoint.

In a press release Monday morning, B.C. The RCMP said that temporary exclusion zones and the closure of highways will be established "for police and public safety reasons." The RCMP said no one could enter the exclusion zones.

The statement said residents would note an increase in police presence in the Houston area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCalifornia.

"We are very hopeful that there will be no violence or disorder in enforcing the court order, but the safety of the public and our officers is paramount when we police demonstrations, particularly because of the remote area where the bridge is located." the launch said.

The Coastal GasLink gas pipeline is intended for the transportation of natural gas from northeast B.C. to the coast, where it is planned to build a LNG Canada facility.

Members of the Wet Nation's First Nation have prevented company workers from passing their checkpoints, stating that they can only pass if they have the consent of hereditary leaders.

An injunction was issued last month, ordering people to stop preventing the company from gaining access to the area.

CoastLink GasLink calls the campsites along the route blocks. Gidimt & # 39; en says they are checkpoints where people can pass, if they have consent.

There are increasing obstructions being placed on the bridge and on the road; the people at the camp describe this as strengthening the space for protection.

Protesters have anticipated the arrival of the RCMP since the injunction.

Security a concern to impose injunction

TransCanada said it has signed agreements with all First Nations along the pipeline route proposed for LNG Canada's $ 40 billion liquefied natural gas project on the coast. But hereditary leaders say such agreements do not apply to traditional territories.

"We want them in the Wet & # 39; s territory," Chief Madeek said on Sunday, referring to the project proposed by Coastal GasLink.

On Sunday, police said their main concerns in imposing the injunction were "public safety, police security and preservation of the right to peaceful, legal and safe protest, under the terms set by the Supreme Court in the preliminary injunction."


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