Raptors Nurse Sheds Light on Kawhi Leonard's Season in Toronto


When the Toronto Raptors sit down to meet with Kawhi Leonard about the possibility of re-signing with the club when the NBA free agency moratorium begins on June 30 at 6pm. ET, the team should at least feel some level of confidence that he enjoyed his season in Toronto.

"I've never talked to him about the situation at all other than he just expressed that he was happy with the year, he enjoyed the team and the training team and the fans and all those things," said coach Raptors Nick Nurse fourth at night in Prime Time Sports.

Prime Time Sports

Nurse: "Holy Smokes, We Did It"

June 19, 2019

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Given how Leonard's year was, having won an NBA championship and another Finals MVP award, it would be strange if he was not satisfied with things, especially since his main concern – his health – was certainly taken care of. the Toronto medical team and the cargo management program they developed for him.

"The medical care he got here and I think he's on the moon," the nurse said of some of the things the Raptors could sell Leonard when they meet him formally. "I think [Raptors director of sports science] Alex McKechnie and his team, he's super comfortable with them and that's probably one of the most important things. "

Another potentially important reason for Leonard to stay can also be the bond he appeared to forge with his teammates.

"I'll say that, and this happens when you start a championship team, this is a very close group," said the nurse. "There's a great relationship between Kawhi and Kyle [Lowry]there is a good relationship between Kawhi and Serge [Ibaka]Kawhi and Marc [Gasol]Kawhi and Fred [VanVleet]Kawhi and Danny [Green]and any other permutation of the faces I just mentioned.

And perhaps the biggest chip in Toronto's favor is the fact that the team can offer more money to Leonard in the longer term because they own the rights to Leonard's Bird. If Leonard wants to be stuck in a long-term deal, Toronto can offer him an estimated $ 190 million contract for five years instead of a four-year $ 140 million contract with another team.

Leonard was just a topic the nurse discussed with Prime Time Sports hosts Bob McCown and Richard Deitsch Wednesday. Here are some of the most interesting tips the Raptors coach put out:

Raptores to meet with PM

When asked if he was invited to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the nurse confirmed that he will. There is still no word on the possible payment to US President Donald Trump of a visit to the White House.

"Definitely the Trudeau meeting because they have asked me about the schedule. I did not hear anything about the White House. …

"I do not know [about going to the White House]. Was here. Let's see Trudeau in Ottawa. We are the Canadian team.

OG almost made it to the finals

OG Anunoby unfortunately never got to play a single post-season game during this Raptors race, as an injury kept him off schedule for most of it.

However, he was activated in time for game 3 of the finals and, while the nurse did not use it, Anunoby almost entered game 6.

"I was very close in Game 6," Nurse said of possibly calling the Anunnoby number. "Leading to this, I was working hard a day or two before the game to discover a spin or a showdown or a game moment – I was looking for who they could have inside …

"I was thinking that this kid could help and maybe we needed a leg bang for five minutes somewhere in the third quarter or something and he might be able to do it. So I was almost planning to use it and it never happened. "

Nurse is preparing her vocal cords for Wrigley

Sharing some unexpectedly cool "congratulations" he received after winning the championship, Nurse said he heard from Bill Clinton and another organization that seems to have meant far more to him than the 42nd president of the United States.

"I'm a big fan of Cubs and they sent me a video yesterday before the game, Cubs-Sox game, in the organ player's room inviting me to sing the seventh round of Wrigley and then they played" We Are The & # 39 ;. Champions in the organ. It does not look better to me than that.

"I just have to work a little on my voice."

Ready to train the Canada team

Nurse confirmed that he will be training the senior male Canadian team at the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup, an opportunity he is looking forward to.

"Very excited," he said. "There are a lot of young talents emerging there, so it's exciting too and we're going to train them like we did here [with the Raptors]. We're going to try to get a talented group of guys to play a lot and play together.


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