Rapper 2 Milly accuses nearly forty years of stealing his dance moves


Fortnite has a strange history of appropriating the dance movements of artists (usually African Americans) and turning them into lucrative "emoticons," or little animations that players can buy and perform within the game world. The issue has been mostly reserved for social media, but now there's a chance things can go to court if rapper 2 Milly gets what he wants. Last week, 2 Milly announced that he hopes to take legal action for the developer of the game, according to a report from CBS News.

FortniteAppropriation has attracted the attention of artists such as Chance or rapper, who publicly called Fortnite developer Epic Games for not sharing royalties with the artists who created the dances.

2 Milly created and popularized the dance movement "Milly Rock" presented in the music video "Milly Rock x 2 Milly", Released in 2014. In its fifth season, Fortnite has released the emote "Swipe It", which is very much like the cleaning moves of the 2 Milly movement. The "Swipe It" emoticon was originally for sale for about $ 5, but was later available as a Battle Pass unlockable reward.

2 Milly faces some significant obstacles if he wants to take legal action against Epic Games.

"There is a whole body of case law relating to that, but for choreographic works, that does not exist," said Merlyne Jean-Louis, a business lawyer and entertainment in an interview CBS News.

"They really do sell this particular movement. It's for purchase, "2 Milly told CBS. "That's when I was really like … oh nah, this can not last for long."

Fortnite made a sizable sum of money with in-game cosmetics and other dance moves, including a clear imitation of Snoop Dogg's dance of "Drop It Like It Hot" and the "Gangnam Style" of the K-pop Psy star.

But 2 Milly seems to want only to prevent his intellectual property from being exploited by others, not necessarily punishing Epic Games and Fortnite players.

"I do not even want to hit them for all of the millions, you know what I'm saying, it's not like that, I feel like I have to protect what's mine," the rapper told CBS.

In the meantime, Fortnite Dances have become increasingly popular thanks to the 140 million players in the game, which earned Epic Games more than $ 1 billion in October alone. Fortnite dances have become a popular subject in youth gym classes across North America and Europe as well.

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