Quota of hockey player grades: Edmonton Oilers scratch a point, comes within an inch of 2 in a loss of 5-4 OT to Winnipeg


Could have? Absolutely, a post by Connor McDavid in overtime was what separated the 2-point Oilers in Winnipeg on Thursday night.

Should? No, you can not really argue that the Edmonton Oilers was the best team of the night. So while I do not think they were lucky enough to get a point, I do not think they deserved more than that. After all, Winnipeg was clearly the top club in the third period, beating Edmonton 17-2 and losing 41-5. Yes, that last statistic is correct. There!

But really … early in the game and knowing that both Oscar Klefbom and Kris Russell were lost against the high octane Winnipeg Jets, would you have predicted the Oilers gaining a point or more? I did not do.

Here is the tale of the tape.

CAM TALBOT 5. Did you need a Cam Talbot save on which Josh Morrissey shot Overtime? Yes you did. And that's what Talbot is missing for most of the season so far … the big and timely defense. But to be completely fair, the game also does not reach overtime without a tremendous effort by Talbot in the 3rd Period. Not even close. His best defense of all was in a Jets power play at a chance by Mark Scheifele. It almost had the goal of Laine, but the kick came from the right to the right of the entrance of one of the best NHL gunners. It stopped 35 of 40.

CONNOR McDAVID. 6. A game of ascent and descent of the Captain. Named the second star of the game. He won 2 assists, the first punched the net at the foot of Darnell Nurse, the second was a strong and smart kick that Alex Chiasson put at home. Only one shot of his own though he touched the bar on O / T. But McDavid also suffered 2 minor penalties, had some clash problems in his own zone and was ultimately his man who scored on overtime. I thought there should have been a penalty in his first breakaway period. The first assist was McDavid's 300th spot in his NHL career, Oiler's 2nd fastest to reach that mark behind … guess who?

LEON DRAISAITL. 7. Another world pass for Connor McDavid. This time it happened in the power play, a crossed eye cross plate in the attack zone of his hand back to Connor's front. The latter instantly slid into Chiasson for what was then the goal to go forward. You can not call it primary care, but this disk does not come with the piece Draisaitl. And he started it all with a robbery along the wall. Also set the Spooner in the slot for the 1-0 with another perfect pass. Late on the back-check in the 3-1, or I would have given an 8 hi on the pace for a season of 100 points.

ALEX CHIASSON. 6. He drew a career high for goals in a season (13) in a fraction of the games played (only 26, as opposed to the 79 that he played for Dallas in 20013-14). And Chiasson registered it with a really clever net, putting himself in the front and putting the staff in the right place. That was 1 of 4 shots at 7:20. He lost his man in the first goal of Jets Power.

DARNELL ENURSE. 7. A tremendous effort. He played a career high 31 minutes and 4 seconds. An impressive 38 turns. He scored by going to the net and being rewarded for it when the disc fell on his front skate. This performance is a good example of how CF% is actually a better team status than an individual (Nurse's-Events CF was 22-28, 44%), since the Nurse was excellent. He mounted Caggiula alone in the front, but Drake fired high. Partially failed in 1-1. He had his man in O / T.

ADAM LARSSON. 5. Pursued much more than 28:45, as their 27.03% CF and 30.77% FF suggest. The night ended -1. 2 hits and 1 block. Nothing fancy. They would be lost there without it, though.

RYAN NUGENT-HOPKINS. 6. Part of a relentless cycle that ultimately led to Khaira's goal and assistance for Nuge's efforts. It had only a single shot, however, and was only 36% on point. He won a puck battle on the wall in the goal of Chiasson, if they won 3 assists he would win one there.

JESSE PULJUJARVI. 6. A very solid 2-way game. A well-deserved attendance at Khaira's goal, playing a firm role in the preliminary check and eventually depositing a small pass on J.J.'s tape at the top of the fold. Stripped Myers of a disc in the first. Blocked 2 shots. It was not able to generate one in the other direction.

JUJHAR KHAIRA. 6. His tenacious fore-check led to his own goal of tying the game even at age 3. Others on the ice also played a role in this sequence. But Jujhar Kharia started it all with a great defensive game and turned north. Then he had numerous touches along the walls in the zone of attack before finally beating Connor Hellebuyck in the front. He also lost his check twice in the first goal of the Jets. But most of all, J.J. was a plus. Has 6 points in 7 games.

KEVIN GRAVEL. 4. He touched until his tongue practically dragged on the ice. 20:38 is by far their heaviest workload of the season. Finished -2. If you consider these two stats together, they read it like this: Good 3rd D-man pair just above your head in the 2nd pair against a team like the Jets. To be fair though, he was unlucky enough to have the 2-1 out of his skateboard. Gravel was in the right place in the play.

MATT BENNING. 4. An OK performance on Benning's second pairing. One shot, two hits and one pack at 18:05. Did he and Gravel chase a lot? Absolutely. In fact, Matt Benning was more than doubled in the odds of scoring. But for the most part, I felt Benning bowed but did not break.

KYLE BRODZIAK. 6. Brave defensive effort. 56% on point. One shot, one hit, one pack and 2 take-aways at 5:25 p.m. Kyle Brodziak was particularly effective at PK with a 3-2 Jets score and 97 in the box for one of 2 visits.

MILAN LUCIC. 5. Defensive sound game. Led the team with 4 hits. Made for important plays in the 3rd Period to preserve the leader (at the time), a clear under pressure from his own zone, another effective back-check that ended with an assortment of Jets.

ZACK KASSIAN. 5. Stripped the disc by Tyler Myers in a clear gap. He had 2 shots at 17:10. 2 shots and one hit.

JASON GARRISON. 2. Hello, Caleb Jones. The lack of speed on Garrison's foot made him penalize Patrik Laine, a man who took advantage of the 1-1 draw. Then had a nasty turnover in the third. Tremendously lucky to finish the night +2. Outdone for most of your 8:59.

CHRIS WIDEMAN. 5. Better that I saw him in a Oilers jersey for a long time. 3 shots, 2 hits and an 11:07 block. He came close to losing chances in favor and against (although he lost little). You'll get that from Chris Wideman, I guess.

RYAN SPOON. 6. A change shot from the death zone scored his second goal as a member of Leon Draisaitl's Fast-Food Oilers. Ryan Spooner was the only Lubango player to match or break 50% in all CF events (6-6). That says something.

DRAKE CAGGIULA. 4. Drake Caggiula started and ended the chaos in the equalizer. The play was under control with the puck on Caggiula's stick. But an ill-advised game turned the disk, leading to a 45-second drill in the Oilers area, which ended with an absolutely bagged Caggiula that failed to cover his man up front. The rest of his game was o.k., but that mistake was critical and decisive.

TOBIAS RIEDER. 5. His speed was noticed in a solid defensive effort. Arrived and stripped 2 pucks. There was a shot, a hit and a block in only 10:06.

The Edmonton Oilers continues to be a key point in the West with 37 points and a game played in Vegas. They fight the fragile Flyers tomorrow, the second of a lap.

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