Punches launched during anti-immigration protest in Edmonton


A row broke out during an immigration protest in central Edmonton late Saturday before police moved to separate demonstrators and counter-demonstrators.

There were only a few policemen present at Churchill Square when the fight began, but it came more after the first punch. About 20 officers formed a line to separate pro and anti-immigration groups, covering about 150 people in total.

Watch: An anti-immigration protest in Edmonton becomes violent

A row began in a protest against immigration in central Edmonton on Saturday. 1:10

The protest marks the second consecutive weekend in which demonstrators have spoken out against Canada's plan to endorse the UN pact. Many also came out in opposition to the controversial carbon tax.

Last weekend's protest was peaceful, unlike Saturday, where some people ended up handcuffed.

Pro-anti-immigration groups have used yellow jackets at work, such as protesters in France who are protesting against the country's high cost of living.

"Trudeau is no longer supporting Canadians," said demonstrator Taylor Mansfield. "He's very supportive of immigration."

Counter-demonstrator Adebayo Katiiti strongly disagrees with the anti-immigration argument.

"They do not know our stories, they're like" Oh, come back from where you come in. "This is white privilege," said Katiiti, who is originally from Uganda.

"Racism is dangerous and it is what they are representing."

Similar rallies were held on Saturday in Calgary, Red Deer and Fort McMurray.

A line of police separates pro and anti-immigration protesters. (CBC)


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