Production of the Tesla Model 3 could begin in China this year. And model Y?



published in January 7, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

January 7, 2019 per Zachary Shahan

Update: New tweets added at the end of this article.

I do not remember if Elon Musk said this before or if I just had the guess for months – I think the latter – but other breaking news is that Tesla is aiming to start production of Model 3 in China . end of year.

Given the pace of Tesla Gigafactory 3's development since the middle of last year, it seems likely that Tesla would target the start of production in 2019 in Shanghai.

As always, production would increase slowly. (You have to solve the problems and advance one alien step at a time.) So, Elon does not expect high volume production to begin until 2020. However, this is the fastest Tesla bulls could dream of, and about 1,000 years earlier than Tesla's critics and critics expected.

With Tesla making yet another big step forward and destroying another milestone armchair that Tesla's trolls claimed would never happen, one might think that critics would come off the accelerator and pessimists would start saying "yay!"

Haha – this will be the day!

There are still so many points of discussion that people who would like to see Tesla's fault are clinging, and these people and points of discussion influence innocent bystanders – millions of them. The average person on the street hears a lot more things you find in our #Pravduh series than you read here CleanTechnica.

Even someone like Jim Cramer CNBC and The street, who should be following these things closely and understanding the company well, apparently does not gather the full story day after day. Occasionally, he has good knowledge about Tesla, but a tweet tonight implies that he does not understand Tesla's geographical gigafaturation strategy or the fundamentals of automobile manufacturing. Fortunately, Elon was online to quickly tweet a simple explanation for the fabricated problem:

I hope Cramer conveys the story to his millions of viewers by 2019. If not, we will do our best to rectify the record with our communications to millions of readers.

Back in Gigafactory 3, a big question remains. When will Model Y start production?

Previously, Elon noted that Gigafactory 3 would initially produce Tesla Model Y and Model 3. It has also recently been stated that Model Y is essentially ready for production. Of course, with much demand for model 3 at the moment, there is no point in rushing the Y model out the door, but it seems that the electric crossover could be a useful addition by the end of 2019.

Could Tesla work with the first Model Y production exercises in the US this year and be ready to leave Gigafactory 3 when production starts there? Or will Tesla keep things in order to avoid damaging complications and only start working on Model Y's production in China, since Model 3's production is running at a high volume and with limited challenges?

We'll see.

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