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Premier League Weekend: Five Things We Learn


The Premier League table is set for Christmas after a hectic weekend of football. The shock results and huge wins were the order of things as 18/19 continues to deliver as one of the tightest and most exciting seasons in recent memory. Here are five things we learned from the most recent action.

Questions for the city before a crucial period

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Any talk about a crisis at Manchester City is a surprise, to say the least, but two defeats in three games saw the elegant champion falter at one of the most important junctions of the season. An astonishing home defeat for Crystal Palace by 2-3 gave City a four-point advantage over Liverpool and for the first time in a long time some serious questions were asked of Guardiola's men.

John Stones clearly is not Fernandinho's runner-up in sixth while the right back emerged as an Achilles heel with Kyle Walker losing chances on the flank. They have more than enough quality to overcome this obstacle, but their point of view certainly made things very interesting, suddenly at the top of the Premier League table.

Spurs roar back in contention after win

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Speaking of interesting things; Tottenham Hotspur showed no signs of managerial distraction in their win over Everton at Goodison Park. The 2-6 win away is always impressive, but not many sides go to the blue half of Merseyside and dominate so freely. This was a confident performance, attacking quality and top quality, with Pochettino's men staying within two points of Manchester City.

Son, Kane, Ali and Eriksen would walk to most sides on their day, and they showed their mesmerizing skills once again, with some spectacular goals on Merseyside. They have already won a staggering fourteen of the league's eighteen games this season and are only six points behind Liverpool at Christmas.

Back to the race? Absolutely. Everton, on the other hand, has real reason to worry about the back and seemed far from one of the six biggest challenges in today's events. They have some quality players but Marko Silva will quickly learn that the passionate fan base in their new club will not tolerate results like this.

Liverpool gets room to breathe, but hard work remains ahead of them

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Molineax is up there with the world's Goodison parks, as a hostile and difficult place to go anywhere. City and Chelsea lost points while the Spurs had great luck in their recent away win over Wolves. Add freezing, torrential rain and some fierce fighting and you have a hell of a game in your hands.

Liverpool did so well to control the process under these circumstances and conditions in the black country. His win had all the marks on one side that is calm and focused, despite a few hesitant moments in the first half. Fabinho and Kieta will have been disappointed with the sloppiness, which may have been punished on another day, but Liverpool entered the game, winning the win to give them a four-point lead and first place at Christmas.

They are now the front runners and will have to live with the pressure that comes with being at the top of the table. Klopp will know full well that there is plenty of work ahead for his men as they navigate through the remaining 20 games of the season.

Ole takes the handbrake

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After weeks of speculation, poor results and turgid football, Manchester United's technical room in five years presented a result that finally brought some positivity to the beleaguered fan base of the Red Devil. His 1 to 1 win in Cardiff was a welcome gift for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The hope is that the immensely popular Norwegian will devour a bit of life for a Manchester United team and release the air that became so toxic last year. The exhibition witnessed in the capital of Wales was fast and adventurous, with United playing some lovely things.

Players will enjoy this style much more, and now they have a number of favorable games to really gain some momentum. The quality is there and the first impression of the OGS should be encouraging for United, at least in the short term.

Puel proves its value … again

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Rumors linking Claude Puel to an exit to Leicester City have raised their ugly heads again last week. The Frenchman has been at the wrong end somehow explosive and recently left the League Cup for Manchester City, although on penalties. To top it off, Jamie Vardy came to the public with an admission of his own personal struggle with Puel's football style. Oh to be a manager of the Premier League!

With all that in mind, a big win for his team over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge was exactly what the doctor asked the French coach and his team. Leicester went to Chelsea, who looked strangely lifeless on Saturday.

Maddison and Ndidi were really influential for the Foxes, as they managed to control the battle in the midfield. The Vardy winner was one of his scrapbooks when he arrived at the end of an excellent ball through the midfield before snuggling home in the far corner. This was a great victory for Leicester and one more test, if they needed anything, that they are already in possession of an excellent manager and need not look elsewhere for the time-to-be.

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